Reading Outside, Weapons in the Library, more Summer Reading and the new Mayor of FPL

Heard this over the weekend:
Michigan Court of Appeals to consider legal challenge to Lansing library weapons ban

…I suppose something like this^  was inevitable, considering there have already been similar legal challenges concerning other public spaces like, say, a church… and even public schools.

The question posed: Can a public library ban weapons?
Michigan Public Radio reported, over the weekend, on the latest for Lansing’s Capital Area District Library policy that’s stirred dispute from a group called Michigan Open Carry.

In less disconcerting news:

Youth Librarian Joseph Miller has an update for you concerning our ongoing Summer Reading programming/events/games: “There are about 130 kids, grades K through 12, that are signed up” so far, Miller said. “And quite a few of them have finished their game boards.”

There’s still time to sign your young reader up… (Summer Reading sign-up goes until August 1st!) Or if you’re a teen battling boredom, we’ve got the readable remedy for you as well. Adults, yes, you can come get recommendations from Staff or our handy pamphlets and then enter for the chance to win a prize. More info here –and the Patch report here.
And check back on The Ferndale Patch this week to read Joseph^’s latest personal picks!

Book news germane to the inherent sun-soaked/schools-out exhilaration of the sweet, sweltering summer-time! A great time to read outside!

Publisher’s Weekly reports: ““Books Beneath the Bridge is an experience that both booklovers and park-goers can enjoy,” said Regina Myer, president of Brooklyn Bridge Park.” Read the full story on this new “open-air” literary series: Outdoor Reading Series Launches in Brooklyn Bridge Park

And, not to conjure the specter of school so soon, but – this is still enticing –
NPR Books reports:  Too Cool For School: 3 Books On Scandalous Teachers


Now, it’s an old cliche for jaded, disillusioned writers eking out their craft: “I’m going to write the Great American Novel!” When they’ve thrown their hands up and set out to seclude themselves to craft their masterpieces. Has it happened yet? The Guardian UK covered the “search for the Great American Novel” by way of a tournament

The Great American Novel tournament


Wanna run for Mayor?
The Mayor of the Ferndale Public Library, that is – such is the title given to  the patron who registers the most “check-in” via our foursquare page. Learn more and try it out!

Each month’s Mayor gets a spot on our Staff Recommends shelf -on display inside the Library.  Impress everyone with your good taste in books, movies or music!
Follow us on Twitter for more updates, why don’t ya?


PS – On Friday, July 13, the library will not open until 10:00 a.m. –That’s one-hour later than our usual Friday-hours (9am-5:30pm) -we have a scheduled Staff Meeting. But please, come check-us-out… (just not until 10am!)

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