Summer Reading (and “Risky Reading”)

  • It’s Summer Reading Sing-Up Time! Stop in at the Librarians’ Desk inside the Kids Corner to start tallying your season’s books for our Reading Games (as well as register for are bevy of upcoming events –read more in last week’s Ferndale Patch update!– Summer Reading at the Ferndale Library)
Young Adult Novels?
Skimming for some danger? 

“Risky Reads” brings to mind the current special display nestled into our New Book section in the Ferndale Library. When some of us noticed that June was “National Safety Month,” we thought that sounded a bit too boring. Why not embrace our devil-may-care attitude in our reading and viewing selections… Live-on-the-edge–through-literature, if you will.

Fight Club comes to mind, sure. Maybe A Clockwork Orange, also? The Books, I mean…or, if you prefer: the movies. Live a little and get lost in a wild book.






The Rock Bottom Remainders

And finally, in curious Literature-news, there was a rock-band of sorts that once boasted: “`We play rock as well as Metallica writes books…” -that would be the Rock Bottom Remainders – a music project featuring various noteworthy authors like Stephen King, Amy Tan, Scott Turow and Mitch Albom. Sadly, as the Detroit Free Press reported this morning, the they’ll be ending their 20-year run after the recent passing of the group’s founder (and lead singer), book-publicist Kathi Goldmark. ~

The groups last show will be a private one, Saturday night at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles -benefiting the American Library Association’s Anaheim convention. From “Since forming, the band has raised about $2 million for different charities. – including the  AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION’S Scholarship program”

~~~ ~

~Oh, and hey – check this out – our Summer Concert Series is kicking off this week.

Serene sounds of stately jazz sailing through the library – should be a great night.

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