Book Donations

75905324-f484-406e-b393-0aaa3b4f0ae9The Ferndale Area District Library welcomes donations of books, but we ask that they be in “like new” condition. That means no torn, yellowed, water-damaged, or marked pages; no broken bindings or stained covers.

Receiving books that are in the best condition assures that they can potentially be included in the library’s circulating collection, or put into the Friends of the Ferndale Library used book store for its ongoing fundraising sales. Otherwise, it just makes more work (and more trash) for us.

Due to limitations of storage space for donations, it is helpful to contact us first, by phone, before organizing/transporting your intended donation: 248-546-2504

We DO Accept: hardcover and paperback books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks. We accept textbooks, but we ask that they be no more than five years old.
WE DO NOT Accept: encyclopedias, magazines, vinyl records.

If you have books that don’t meet these standards, remember that you can recycle your old paperback books in your home recycling bins. Hardcover books can be taken to SOCCRA’ recycling center, located at 995 Coolidge, (between 14 Mile and Maple, across from Meijer): (248) 288-5150
If you have any questions, contact Reference Librarian Ed Burns at

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Read, Stream, and Be Merry


This weekend is an ideal time to finally get your library card. Consider that we are all collectively on the precipice of holiday season’s madness:  family visits, decorating the house, cooking up storms, having the kids home on a break from school, shopping, more family, more shopping, stress….

Times like these the need is considerably higher for us to find a bit of therapeutic escapism, for recreation, for quiet seclusion….and mine it for all its worth!

Ferndale Library to the rescue.

When’s the last time you read a great book? Something you just got lost in and couldn’t put down? Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to find anything good to read, lately? What are you waiting for? Our expert department of reference librarians are trained to provide optimal advisement on which authors and genres fit your personal tastes. You describe the kind of adventure you want to go on, they make you a map… It’s that simple.


Digital Escape
If you really want to avoid excess contact with in-laws or just tune out either the deluge of holiday music on the radio or the ever-troubling news reports, then you probably want to put in some earbuds. Great. We’ve got MP3 audiobooks you can download through Overdrive or HOOPLA

Speaking of HOOPLA…, you can keep those earbuds in and stream a movie on your iPad. All you would need is your library card, and you’ll instantly start streaming a new movie just like Netflix… Only it’s Hoopla 🙂

All the Cheer!
Then again, you could rely on us as your destination for heightening your holiday spirit. Available here in the library, as well as streaming on Hoopla, you can find the latest collections of holiday music, from newer icons like Michael Buble, to classics from The Beach Boys and Bing Crosby. Need some inspiration for decorations? We’ve got craft books. Need that nostalgia fix from re-watching a favorite holiday-themed movie? We’ve got you covered.

Need to print out some recipes? This is the place…

Wanna find some great newly released picture-books to read with the little ones? Or maybe, better yet, something to keep kids and teens occupied with our Winter Reading Challenge! 


The holidays won’t be the holidays without the magic our collections can bring you…original

Then again, if you are keen to block out all that holiday whimsy, we’ve still got your escapist ticket card punched!

But don’t just escape the holidays by brooding off by yourself… Check out a good book! It’s better for your health!


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Did You Know? Your Library Card Gets You Access To…

Did you know? Ferndale residents who obtain their library card will also have access to 70 other members of a cooperative known as The Library Network.


Not only would you be getting access to the tens of thousands of books, our thousands of DVDs and CDs, as well as our audio material, our digital resources, our public computers and more… BUT…, you’d also be able to request an item from any of the other libraries that we share services with… like Royal Oak, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Oak Park, and so many more.

So that means you really have access several hundred-thousand titles, be they a book, a DVD, or whatever you might be looking for… All you have to do is decide upon what your heart desires; then get a library card. Your librarians will place a hold, and in no time you’ll be in a state of moderate to considerable bliss.


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The Ferndale Library’s Summer Concert Series booked some of the biggest artists since that popular music program started in 2010. It’s a big crowd pleaser with patrons of all ages because it brings in top-tier talents from around Michigan, each specializing in a range of genres. The library’s upcoming Fall Bake Sale will help raise funds for to ensure that Summer 2018’s lineup is even more impressive. Before patrons check out their books, they can also buy delicious baked goods lovingly whipped up by local volunteer chefs. This pop-up bakery will feature addictive little treats to ornately adorned desserts, available all day (10am-8pm) on Mon, Nov 20.


But volunteer bakers are needed. Anyone can drop off their donated treats on Sun, Nov 19 from 12pm to 5pm and in the library atrium on the morning of the bake sale, starting at 9am and continuing throughout the day.  

To Ferndale’s local bakers, or for anyone with a sweet tooth, this is a great way to support your library, as well as your community. The baking talents of the neighborhood take center stage. Also, each sugary package or decadent dish could serve as an ideal gift for the holidays, or maybe just a well deserved splurge for you after a long day.

FADL’s Head of Circulation Kelly Bennett will be coordinating the Bake Sale; volunteers can email via or call at 248-546-2504 ex. 697.
“We’re looking for a wide variety of treats,” Bennett said. “Vegan, gluten-free and diabetic options are great – we’d also appreciate it if the baked goods are split up into small packages for easy sale.”

Simply bring your goodies to the front desk on Sunday, or stop in the atrium beginning at 9 am on Monday. For those looking to buy the yummy baked goods Ferndale has to offer, the sale will run 10 am to 8 pm on Mon., Nov 20. Cash and check will be accepted as payment. And yes, there will be jam!

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Go Behind The Curtains With ‘Anatomy Of A Scene’ at Ferndale Library

Univ of Detroit Mercy Theatre Company Hosts Interactive Theatre Program Nov 8

What happens before, during, and after a Director shouts: “ACTION!”?  What goes into the construction of a scene for plays or films? How do the actors, crew, and director make a scripted performance seem so natural and so real? On Wed., Nov 8, The University of Detroit Mercy Theatre Company presents an interactive experience about the making of a scene at the Ferndale Area District Library.


The Theatre Company will be illuminating the process of scene construction by utilizing parts of Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day, the first production featured in their 47th season. Attendees can learn how a scene is crafted to help move a story forward, whether a script for theatre or a screenplay for film. When you’re in the audience, dialogue and action flows by with intended fluidity, but how is the information you need to comprehend the story and characters presented in a way that can keep you captivated?


The Theatre Company invites you to the Ferndale Library to uncover how everything in a scene is a conscious choice of the writer or director, and how each choice can bring out substance and meaning.


U-D Mercy’s Theatre Company produces a diverse range of live performances at The Marlene Boll Theatre in downtown Detroit. Original and commissioned works featuring non-traditional pieces are performed each season, as well as classics and standards in the world of theatre and music. Their Performing Arts Dept helps students learn how to be actors, directors, costume designers, makeup artists, playwrights, stage managers, along with dozens of other professions, so you can be sure to receive a very full picture of the craft into it all, at “Anatomy Of A Scene.”

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Did You Know…? Here’s why you’re Gonna Want a Library Card

I can probably get you set up with your new Ferndale Library Card in less than three minutes. You can even scroll through your social media right in front of me while you’re waiting for me to set it up, I won’t be offended… I mean, it’d be better if you didn’t, cuz I’ll have a few quick questions for you. But either way: I just want you to get yourself a card.

Once you get that card….
cardYou can access:

•the latest films on DVD
•the latest albums on CD
•the latest fiction books
But you can ALSO use that card to: 
•download MP3 audiobooks
•access eBooks
•stream movies and music via Hoopla
And then some other stuff you might have overlooked, like:
•obtaining free passes to a metro park or a local museum
•requesting material owned by any other Oakland County Library in our shared cooperative

Did I mention this only takes three minutes…? Okay…, maybe four! But still! There’s no paperwork involved. There’s no waiting. It’s exceedingly easier and faster than, say, a trip to the DMV.

And a library card is just one of those things that you might not realize you need…, until you do. 

What you need:
•Current Picture ID (Drivers License, State ID card)
•If your ID hasn’t been updated yet to reflect your new/current Ferndale residence, just bring in your latest utility bill (or pull up an e-receipt of paperless billing on your smartphone). 

•If you’ve had a library card in the past, let us know, and we can see if that account is with one of the libraries we partner with… I mean, who knows…, you might have checked out a book in 2012 that you never returned. But even if you do, we can work with you… Because if this post hasn’t emphasized it enough, already, it’s that we want you to get your Ferndale Library card!  Like, now. Like, yesterday. SO…., see you tomorrow, then?

Call us for any questions: 248-546-2504
And if you don’t live in Ferndale, we have lots of info about how you can get access

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Open Seven Days/Week

“The library’s closed today…”

…is something no one in Ferndale will have to say from now on!

Because during the week, on any given day, we will now be open! That’s right, starting October 1st, the Ferndale Area District Library began opening its doors on Sundays from 12noon – 5pm.


We want to maximize your access to books, CDs, magazines, e-books, DVDs, the Internet and our librarian’s professional assistance. We want to be open and available when you need us, and, frankly, sometimes that’s on a Sunday! We also offer so much more than just access to the Internet, but have evolved into something that most resembles a community center. Crafts, concerts, conversations with representatives, family fun, book clubs, informational seminars, and more… We are excited to expand our services and our grateful for the support we receive from our patrons and the community.

A library, of all institutions, should be open as much as possible. Whether professional development, research project, enlightened reads about historical events, or escapist fiction from the latest thriller writer. We want to be your key to cultural recreation as well as discovering more about a topic that concerns you. Sure…, you could google it. But wouldn’t you feel that much better with the professional guidance of a librarian?

We’ll see you next Sunday.


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