Martin Luther King Day @ Your Library

If you are reading this and you happen to have the day off from work, then we hope you’ll consider utilizing any portion of your day to visit the library. The Ferndale Area District Library is open for regular business hours, until 8pm tonight. Schools, banks, law firms, and most libraries are closed in observance of this American federal holiday honoring the activist/minister and prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But on such a day as this, it would be rewarding and opportune for anyone and everyone to seek out an institution such as a public library; to spend time in a place where they can readily, easily, and freely access a breadth of information and resources detailing the life of MLK. We should never presume that we ever know the whole story, even when it comes to the most profound and widely known icons of history. At your public library, on Martin Luther King Jr Day, one can gain an enhanced understanding and appreciation for his efforts throughout the late 1950’s and 1960’s, as well as a more knowledgeable grasp upon the extraordinary circumstances and the political and social climate of his era; to then be able to reflect upon how it can inform your assessment, your interest, your perception, and hopefully your compassion, in our current times.


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Gateway’s to Graphic Novels: Tinesha’s Picks

Circulation Specialist Tinesha Allen is our on staff graphic novels specialist!  While we’re each unique fans of certain genres or authors, graphic novels are Tinesha’s domain; an inherently artistic and vivid form of storytelling, often featuring diverse casts of characters and settings.

Still…, despite some breathtaking and daring creative advancements in the art-form of graphic novels, we know that they’re still not fully embraced by the greater population of readers. Worse, the community of literary criticism can still tend to reduce their categorization to something resembling comic books.  Tinesha is here to tell you that you might be surprised at just how much emotional import and enjoyment you’d find by reading a story that spans across pages that are illustrated with action, expressive faces, and picturesque landscapes.



Here are Tinesha’s Top 3 Titles for your Gateway into Graphic Novels



Amazing art, amazing imagery; the background work and research done to adhere to Islamic history accurately and appropriately is greatly appreciated. The story is really encapsulating; impossible to put down. Reading it is like an emotional roller-coaster.  Habibi can be educational for anyone unfamiliar with Islam or the Arabic language; it’s a must read for anyone looking to expand their thinking and challenge any cultural phobias or biases they might have.



Saga’s considerable popularity may have already put it on your radar. But the first thing you’ll notice about it is its high-impact/always-on-the-run story, that still gives you a balance of backgrounds into every character’s life. Of course there are main protagonists, that being Marco, Lana and Hazel, but you also get insight into the different Kingdoms, figureheads, bounty hunters and the ex-fiancées that are running after this forbidden couple, looking to silence them and any message of peace that their daughter might represent for the future, (since war is a very lucrative business!)


Saga is action packed but not without its soft moments; it works to humanize every character, making some of their inevitable demises that much harder to take. I always anxiously await the next book in the series.

index (1)Monstress

What catches the reader’s eye is the cover art! It’s well-drawn, spooky, and intriguing; each volume is just as intricately illustrated as its cover. The series has some cultural relevance to our current events as it deals with war, refugees, human trafficking, racism, gender equality, feminism, classicism… But it treats these issues with a volatile magical element that will keep readers of fantasy interested. If you’re a big fan of monsters, magic and mayhem, then this is the series for you.


Tinesha also suggests checking out Nimona, (pictured above^) Lumberjanesand our expansive Manga collection!

Further reading:

Graphic novels can be serious literature

Finding the Roots of Graphic Novels in the Ancient World


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How Do I Know What To Believe?

Librarians and journalists are natural allies. A public library is where one can hone their skills of being an astute and discerning consumer of the vast and multifaceted bits of news we each encounter in a given day’s social-media scroll. Journalists, meanwhile, have to be as exceptional as ever in a political and social climate haunted by “fake news” and adversarial punditry.

It’s been almost two years, now, since “fake news” entered the lexicon. Since then, there have been countless cases of generated “news” posts that slip into social media filled with bias and errors, designed to push an agenda, to outrage, or to mislead.  Meanwhile, journalists, (print, broadcast, and online,) are being shown such a concerning amount of contempt in an era where information is traveling at nearly light speeds across our feeds. Your public library, then, can be an information oasis during these times, an information-packed neutral zone (of an objectivity comparable to every journalist), where you can learn how to combat fake news and sharpen your media literacy.

For starters, we can point you toward the Media Literacy Project, where you can learn the importance of understanding how media messages shape our culture and society. When you are encountering news on the Internet, critical thinking skills, and a healthy bit of skepticism, will be crucial to perceive whether the source is applying a frame of bias to the article. While it seems like everything moves faster, including everyone of us, it is important to read an entire article before you share it. Ask yourself, upon finishing it: what parts of a given media story are possibly not being told within the text?

One simple, but possibly not so easy way to protect yourself against fake news is to slow down. I know that’s tough in a post-Internet/smartphone era. But frankly, that’s what you should be doing when you visit your public library. While we are a 21st century community center space with multifaceted purposes for all ages, we are also, at the end of the day, an information resource center. Given enough time, be it here on site or via remote access to our digital databases online, you can learn more about examining all of the information you are being presented. Follow links and citations, look for odd URLs, and explore your own fact checking expeditions (your librarian can help!)

In January, we’ll be hosting a panel discussion, moderated by WDET-FM, and featuring local journalists, teachers, librarians, and social media specialists. STAY TUNED.

More information from the American Library Association. 

And here our three books we’d recommend getting started with…

index (5)The trouble with reality : a rumination on moral panic in our time






51O2GtvWl5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Detecting bull : how to identify bias and junk journalism in the digital age






index (6)Deciding What’s True: The Rise of Political Fact-Checking in American Journalism






index (7)Media maze : unconventional wisdom for guiding children through media


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FADL Increases Digital Access To More Materials and Resources Starting Friday

New Digital Resources Starting Friday, December 1st

NoveList Plus can be used by patrons to find new book recommendations. NoveList will generate lists of thematically-aligned follow-up titles that will be similar to the most recent book you enjoyed. This is not a downloadable app, but FADL card members will be able to access it online. Try it yourself or visit one of our librarians for your next great book recommendation!

With this mobile app, you can access full-color digital magazines anytime, anywhere, either on your phone, iPad, or desktop, including new and back-listed titles. There’s no holds, no check-out periods, no limits; it is accessible only to FADL card member.

Mango Languages:
This is an online language learning tool for FADL card members to learn more than 70 languages, including English for non-English speakers. It is a downloadable app for your iPhone or Android.


Looking for books, movies and more? 


Hoopla is an app you can download and register your Ferndale Library card to get streamable/downloadable access to E-Materials, including movies and music, but also TV shows, MP3-audiobooks, eBooks, and comics. There are no holds, you can just find what you’re looking for and start streaming! (Available to Ferndale card members only).

You can use OverDrive if your library is part of the Download Destination Group, but otherwise, any FADL card member can use it to access audi
obooks, Ebooks, music, and movies, with up to six checkouts at once. (Downloadable files are limited, so anticipate having to place holds for the most popular titles).



AtoZ World Travel:
This is a comprehensive travel resource that covers more than 200 cities worldwide, providing information about points of interest, security, transportation, food and recipes, culture, language, and more.

AtoZ Maps Online:
You can access modern and historical maps from around the world that you can download and print.

Consumer Reports Database:
You’ll get full access to product reviews, articles, and more, in addition to our print magazine subscription.

Cypress Resume:
This online resume builder provides templates and helps you develop job descriptions.

You can access these links with a mobile device, but they are not apps.
To access these digital resources remotely, or at home, you will need to be a Ferndale card member. Otherwise, anyone can access these resources here in the library’s public computer lab. 

Click here for more information

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Book Donations

75905324-f484-406e-b393-0aaa3b4f0ae9The Ferndale Area District Library welcomes donations of books, but we ask that they be in “like new” condition. That means no torn, yellowed, water-damaged, or marked pages; no broken bindings or stained covers.

Receiving books that are in the best condition assures that they can potentially be included in the library’s circulating collection, or put into the Friends of the Ferndale Library used book store for its ongoing fundraising sales. Otherwise, it just makes more work (and more trash) for us.

Due to limitations of storage space for donations, it is helpful to contact us first, by phone, before organizing/transporting your intended donation: 248-546-2504

We DO Accept: hardcover and paperback books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks. We accept textbooks, but we ask that they be no more than five years old.
WE DO NOT Accept: encyclopedias, magazines, vinyl records.

If you have books that don’t meet these standards, remember that you can recycle your old paperback books in your home recycling bins. Hardcover books can be taken to SOCCRA’ recycling center, located at 995 Coolidge, (between 14 Mile and Maple, across from Meijer): (248) 288-5150
If you have any questions, contact Reference Librarian Ed Burns at

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Read, Stream, and Be Merry


This weekend is an ideal time to finally get your library card. Consider that we are all collectively on the precipice of holiday season’s madness:  family visits, decorating the house, cooking up storms, having the kids home on a break from school, shopping, more family, more shopping, stress….

Times like these the need is considerably higher for us to find a bit of therapeutic escapism, for recreation, for quiet seclusion….and mine it for all its worth!

Ferndale Library to the rescue.

When’s the last time you read a great book? Something you just got lost in and couldn’t put down? Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to find anything good to read, lately? What are you waiting for? Our expert department of reference librarians are trained to provide optimal advisement on which authors and genres fit your personal tastes. You describe the kind of adventure you want to go on, they make you a map… It’s that simple.


Digital Escape
If you really want to avoid excess contact with in-laws or just tune out either the deluge of holiday music on the radio or the ever-troubling news reports, then you probably want to put in some earbuds. Great. We’ve got MP3 audiobooks you can download through Overdrive or HOOPLA

Speaking of HOOPLA…, you can keep those earbuds in and stream a movie on your iPad. All you would need is your library card, and you’ll instantly start streaming a new movie just like Netflix… Only it’s Hoopla 🙂

All the Cheer!
Then again, you could rely on us as your destination for heightening your holiday spirit. Available here in the library, as well as streaming on Hoopla, you can find the latest collections of holiday music, from newer icons like Michael Buble, to classics from The Beach Boys and Bing Crosby. Need some inspiration for decorations? We’ve got craft books. Need that nostalgia fix from re-watching a favorite holiday-themed movie? We’ve got you covered.

Need to print out some recipes? This is the place…

Wanna find some great newly released picture-books to read with the little ones? Or maybe, better yet, something to keep kids and teens occupied with our Winter Reading Challenge! 


The holidays won’t be the holidays without the magic our collections can bring you…original

Then again, if you are keen to block out all that holiday whimsy, we’ve still got your escapist ticket card punched!

But don’t just escape the holidays by brooding off by yourself… Check out a good book! It’s better for your health!


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Did You Know? Your Library Card Gets You Access To…

Did you know? Ferndale residents who obtain their library card will also have access to 70 other members of a cooperative known as The Library Network.


Not only would you be getting access to the tens of thousands of books, our thousands of DVDs and CDs, as well as our audio material, our digital resources, our public computers and more… BUT…, you’d also be able to request an item from any of the other libraries that we share services with… like Royal Oak, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Oak Park, and so many more.

So that means you really have access several hundred-thousand titles, be they a book, a DVD, or whatever you might be looking for… All you have to do is decide upon what your heart desires; then get a library card. Your librarians will place a hold, and in no time you’ll be in a state of moderate to considerable bliss.


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