Check Out E-Books

OverDrive Media – the content provider for Ferndale Library patrons looking to check out e-books and download MP3-audiobooks onto their Nooks, Kindles, iPads or iPods can now experience a faster and more intuitive way to connect to the books you love.

You can explore the OverDrive database from Ferndale Public Library’s main site. It’s that icon down the left side…that looks like this………….->Overdrive - Download audiobooks ebooks

Checking Out OverDrive eBooks On Your iPad

Returning OverDrive eBooks and Audiobooks on an iPad Downloading library e-books to your Kindle using Overdrive

OverDrive e-Books Kindle Download

.Getting the Overdrive Media Console App on your Kindle Fire

Getting the Overdrive Media Console app for your Nook HD or HD+.

How to Use OverDrive with Your iPhone and iPad

The Basics: Checking Out and Returning

overdrive When you “check-out” an E-Book through OVERDRIVE, its downloaded to your device (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad or iPhoneand after 2 weeks they “return themselves” (or, are deleted from your device). After 2 weeks, your e-books (or your MP3 file-audiobooks) automatically ‘expire’ and return to the collection; though you’ll have the option to return them earlier to clear storage space on your device.  Audiobooks in a WMA-file format, however, remain assigned to a patron’s account until the end of the lending period.

Renewing, Placing Holds

Titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again if they are available. If all copies of a particular title are checked out you may place a hold on something. However, the number of titles that one may place-holds-on may be limited. ***Publishers provide “digital copies” (or files) of their author’s books to public libraries across the country, but-they only permit a limited number of those files -per- library. That’s why something you’re looking for might not be available yet…

Browse From Home: Media Console and Adobe Digital Editions

digEdsFor most devices, you need to install  two free software applications on your home computer!

  • OverDrive Media Console (for audiobooks, music and video)
  • Adobe Digital Editions (for eBooks).If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Windows Phones, just use Overdrive Media Console to get your desired audiobooks and eBooks.
  • How to Install Adobe Digital Editions

How to authorize computers and eBook readers with an Adobe ID How to enjoy eBooks


How to return eBooks How to transfer titles to an eBook reader   overdrive


*PC and Mac computers *the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch *Android Many eBook readers such as the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, Kobo eReader, and Amazon® Kindle® (US schools and libraries only). To view a full list of compatible devices, visit OVERDRIVE’s Device Resource Center. Nearly all OverDrive audiobooks can be transferred to an iPod/iPhone/iPad. eBooks that you “check-out” from home, on your computer, with Adobe Digital Editions come as EPUB format files – those can be downloaded directly to iPhone and iPad (as well as Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones). APPS: OverDrive has created apps to use eBooks and audiobooks on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. About 50 percent of our audiobook titles can be burned to a CD. ….If you have any more questions:

Visit OVERDRIVE online or give us a call! 

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