Ferndale Reads: Aaron from Natural Food Patch Recommends…

This new series features book recommendations from famous Ferndalians, community members, business owners, various movers/shakers, and, really, any ardent book lovers in town.

398536_2956776471216_956911044_nFor our second post, we feature a recommendation from Aaron Hindley, the charming, bespectacled/bearded supervisor over at The Natural Food Patch. Every time I stop in to the Natural Food Patch, (or, as I call it, “Carrots-a-Go-Go,”) Aaron always has a new discovery–particularly an album by a new band or songwriter–that he wants to share with me. Now, I’m happy to give him the chance to share something about a book… a book that YOU can find HERE in the Ferndale Library!

Aaron Hindley’s Book Recommendation can be found through our online catalog

indexAtlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
     No matter what anyone ever had to say about Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged… no single person, (author), or book has come anywhere near the intensity of self-realization she, and it, has inspired.
          No matter how far I have strayed from the ideals that were lain before me during the time of my life when I read it…, no other book has ever been so provocative and inspiring for me. I truly am who I am today because of the box of “Objectivism” that I put myself in. It was my first box… and breaking out of it via (Kurt) Vonnegut, (Paul) Auster, and various eastern rhetoric, was the best feeling in the universe.


You can tell Aaron what YOUR favorite book is, the next time you do your grocery shopping in downtown Ferndale!


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Local Music Collection: ADULT., and Dennis Coffey

Michigan musicians! Songwriters, producers, performers, singers, from Ferndale to Grand Rapids, Hamtramck to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti to Detroit, Port Huron to Kalamazoo…. We have an ever-building collection of Michigan music and we’d love to add YOUR album! We have upwards to 350 albums from Michigan musicians, including the two new releases you can stream below…

But before we sample that, we just wanted to tug on the ears of local artists and let you know that we’re big fans of yours – and we’d love to feature your new album in our circulating collection. Send us a message on Facebook!  If you’d like to donate your album–that’d be mighty generous… But we did just have a millage pass, so we do have a budget to compensate you, if you’d prefer…

But, hey… let’s listen to a couple songs…

17 - 1 (17).jpg

Local electronic music duo ADULT. just released their latest album–an ambitious and experimental odyssey of diverse ideas and vibes clashing together in a graceful ballet of beautiful noise and provocative chaos. Six artists from around the world came to their home in Detroit for 3 weeks residencies, in which time they would collaborate on two songs -and build their way to a 12-song full length album.

Meanwhile, we also recently added the latest album by Detroit funk-guitar icon, a soul-rock legend, a veteran of the Motown era’s Funk Brothers, Mr. Dennis Coffey. Take a listen to a track from Hot Coffey In The D

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Ferndale Area District Library Hires Jenny Marr as Library Director

The Ferndale Area District Library Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenny Marr as Library Director. She will begin her employment on June 5th. Ms. Marr is currently the Director of Morrill Public Library in Hiawatha, Kansas. Prior to her position in Kansas, she began her library career at Grace A. Dow Memorial Library in Midland, Michigan. Ms. Marr is an East Lansing native who earned her MLIS degree from Wayne State University.


Library Board President Judeen Bartos stated, “Jenny impressed the Library Board with her many accomplishments at Morrill, her commitment to the Library as an essential community center, and her management approach. We look forward to the future success of the library under her leadership.”

Ms. Marr comments, “I am thrilled and humbled to be given this opportunity. Ferndale is a diverse and vibrant community and the library is deeply rooted in it. I look forward to working with the amazing staff and Library Board to develop library services that are innovative and responsive to local challenges. I think it’s easy to see how much Ferndale residents care about their community and I’m grateful to be invited to join it.”

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Ferndale Reads: Recommendation from The Rust Belt’s Chris Best

This new series features book recommendations from famous Ferndalians, community members, business owners, movers, shakers, and any ardent book lovers in town.


18426612_10211474152342143_1071185087_oFor our debut post, we feature a pick from Chris Best, co-founder/co-manager of The Rust Belt Market (22801 Woodward Ave)

For more information on the Rust Belt, you can find it on Facebook, or visit its main site, here.

On Saturday, May 20th, the Rust Belt hosts “Rally In The Alley” : a six-year anniversary of the Rust Belt with several sensational Food Trucks offering delicious, charming cuisine.
More info


Chris Best’s Book Recommendation is available at the Ferndale Area District Library


I’d recommend the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.


This book should be required reading for all High School seniors. While praising hard work and dedication, it makes the argument that privilege and/or luck are actually major factors when it comes to success.

In this book, Gladwell seeks to question the common American narrative of the “self made man” through anecdotes of high profile success stories.

Hard work + smarts + a lot of luck= success. Work hard to be ready to seize a lucky opportunity!

-Chris Best


Rally+in+the+Alley (1)


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@TheLibrary (Recommendations for your next favorite graphic novel)

We want to help you find your next favorite book… Every member of our library staff is, as you would expect, an avid reader – and that means any one of us can supply you with a substantial amount of reliable recommendations for what to read next…

This batch of picks is from our youngest staff member, a page named Gideon Bray, tasked with the not-so-humble task of basically keeping every item in our circulating material collection in order on the array of shelves across every corner of the building!

Here’s Gideon’s picks, focusing on Graphic Novels



Find it in Ferndale Library’s online catalog

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? : with other tales of the Dark Knight

by Neil Gaiman

Batman is dead. The caped crusader has finally fallen, and friends and foes alike have gathered to mourn his passing. However, each different person has a different story to tell about how he lived, and how he died. And through each and every story, a shadow watches the procession. It knows these tales cannot all be true. So it must answer the question: “Whatever happened to the caped crusader?”

This is a very interesting comic. It’s written by Neil Gaiman, and that comes as no surprise as you read through it. The concept is very interesting and is pulled off amazingly. The art by Andy Kubert pulls the whole thing together, making it a great read. It is a bit short, but I feel that it works best that way. If you are a Batman fan, and have a little bit of time on your hands, or like the works of Neil Gaiman, I would give this comic a look.



Find it in Ferndale Library’s online catalog

Locke & Key

by Joe Hill


After the murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke move with their mother to the Keyhouse Estate, in Lovecraft Massachusetts. It doesn’t take long for them to discover the supernatural keys that are scattered throughout the house. But they are not the only ones who know of the key’s existence. There is another person, searching for the Omega Key, which possesses great power.

An interesting comic with a unique concept, and Joe Hill pulls it off quite well. The many characters who appear throughout the series are made with care, each with their own unique personality. The art is done by Gabriel Rodriguez, and, while not my favorite by far, he does a good job illustrating. Horror comics are quite rare, and are hard to pull off to good effect, and while not overly frightening, Locke & Key is great at building up tension and keeping you in suspense. If you’re looking for a good horror comic, or just want to read something unique, I would definitely point you toward this comic.



Find it in Ferndale Library’s online catalog


Death Note

by Tsugumi Ohba

Imagine if you had the power to kill anyone you wanted to, just by writing down their names. This is the strange situation high school student Light Yagami finds himself in when he happens across a “Death Note” a supernatural notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. Light decides to use this book to act as God and cleanse the world of evil. His actions do not go unnoticed, however, and a mysterious detective who goes by the name of “L” tries to hunt Light down and stop him.

This is definitely one of, if not my favorite comic series of all time. It is best best decribed as a psychological thriller, with some supernatural aspects to it. The story is great, and the art, done by Takeshi Obata, is amazing. The series always keeps you in suspense as Light and L constantly clash wits to get the better of one another. I highly recommend this series, especially if you enjoy thrillers, but even if you don’t, take a look anyway.



Find it in Ferndale Library’s online catalog


by Mark Millar

Huck is a man living in a quiet seaside town. However, he possesses special abilities which he uses to do one good deed every day. His abilities have been kept a secret by the townsfolk until a newcomer gives this information to the media. This sends Huck on an adventure that will change everything.

Another one of my all-time favorite comics, up there with death note. The story is pretty simple, but works well. The characters are well done, especially Huck, whose lovable character makes the comic work so well. The art, done by Rafael Albuquerque is another plus. Another graphic novel that I urge you to read as soon as possible.


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Local Music Collection: Timothy Monger & The Old Adage

Hey there…

Just taking a look at some of the latest additions to our library’s circulating Local Music collection, (i.e., Michigan-based recording artists).

When you visit the library’s media section, just check the top right corner of each CD and you’ll see a charming green-colored insignia that indicates Hometown Hero status.

Let’s listen to a couple songs from two of the newest additions

new music.jpg

Timothy Monger’s Amber Lantern 

Neo-Americana/folk singer/songwriter Timothy Monger is based out of Saline, but he’s basically famous all over the state for his founding tenure in The Great Lakes Myth Society!
News: Timothy Monger is performing next Saturday (May 13) at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
More info
Find Timothy Monger on Facebook


The Old Adage’s Cycles 

This dynamic Detroit-based brother-sister duo recently performed for our bi-monthly local music showcase First Stop Friday. Their a pop-blender, electronica-rock-folk-Motown-indie—-kinda everything!
News: They aren’t playing a show until August. (That might change…) BUT, they are currently in the studio working on new music!
Find The Old Adage on Facebook 

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@TheLibrary (Recommendations for your next favorite book/movie)

We want to help you find your next favorite book… Librarians aren’t just experts at helping answer all of your questions, but they always have great recommendations for what to read next…

Our newest Reference Librarian, Michelle Williamson, is talking about two unique titles today… One is an acclaimed novel from 2016, and the other is a sensational show that you can the first two seasons of, here in our circulating collection.


  • “Sweetbitter” by Stephanie Danler

Find ‘Sweetbitter’ in the Ferndale Library online catalog

First-time novelist Stephanie Danler exquisitely intertwines young Tess’s coming-of- age story with the mental and physical hazing of her first restaurant job. After moving to New York from her small hometown, Tess is hired as a back waiter at an unnamed Manhattan restaurant (Danler worked at Union Square Cafe, famed restaurateur Danny Meyer’s first place). Simone is the first employee to captivate Tess; she’s worked there for years and is a fount of wisdom when it comes to food and wine. Simone also has a oddly close relationship with bartender Jake (brooding and handsome, of course). Slowly Tess is let into the world of the restaurant: its routines and secrets, its pleasures and vices. However,

Sweetbitter is not necessarily a plot-driven book. Sure, Tess matures as her naivete erodes, but Danler’s real strength is poetic prose. For instance, “some tomatoes tasted like water, and some tasted like summer lightning.” Or Simone’s ominous advice when Tess complains of being hungry: “Appetite is not a symptom. It cannot be cured. It’s a state of being, and like most, has its attendant moral consequences.”


  • “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (tv series, individual seasons circulating on DVD)

Find ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ in the Ferndale Library’s online catalog

Type-A attorney Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) runs into her boyfriend from high school summer camp on the street in New York City. This encounter with Josh Chan (winningly played by Vincent Rodriguez III) gives Rebecca warm fuzzy feelings and fills her with nostalgia for simpler times. When Josh tells Rebecca he’s moving back home to West Covina, California, Rebecca hatches a plan to move there as well. Once in West Covina, Rebecca downsizes her life by getting a job in a more laid-back law firm (owned by Darryl Whitefeather) and meets Paula Proctor, a paralegal who’s suspicious of Rebecca’s motivations for joining the firm. Sardonic bartender Greg Serrano and deadpan neighbor Heather Davis round out the group of Rebecca’s new acquaintances.

Have I mentioned the singing? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is full of musical numbers that put the show’s deceptively smart, warts-and-all humor on full display. “Settle for Me” has Greg imploring Rebecca to forget about Josh and get in a promisingly dysfunctional relationship with him. It’s all the more entertaining that the song is shot in black-and-white with Greg and Rebecca dancing a-la Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

As the season progresses, Bloom delivers a powerhouse performance and the sly, witty themes of the show reveal that the entire cast of characters is more nuanced and compelling than your average sit-com.



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