Mad Hatter Themed Party for Current/New Friends of the Ferndale Library on August 26

Current and prospective members of the Friends of the Ferndale Library are invited on August 26 to fall down the rabbit hole into the library courtyard where music, hors d’oeuvres, henna artists, flamingo croquet and lots of surprises await.  This Mad Hatter’s themed party features a cash bar with signature craft cocktails by Valentine Vodka and more.   This will be a fun and funky celebration of the Ferndale library and of the classic Alice in Wonderland novels by author Lewis Carroll.  


Most of all, this excellent summer evening gather will be a chance for the Friends of the Ferndale Library to thank current members for their support and an opportunity to invite new members to join the Friends.  


“Being a Friend (of the Ferndale Library) is about connecting with people,” said Kevin Deegan-Krause, former president of the Friends. “It’s about supporting the library and advocating for education and culture in an environment where its value is often overlooked! The more ‘Friends’ we have, the more we can do to make our community a better place.”


Admission to the Mad Hatter Party is free for current Friends members, and new members can join online, here for only $20. The Ferndale Area District Library is located at 222 E. 9 Mile Rd .Please join us for literary fun, meeting fellow book lovers, and dancing under the stars.  There will be excellent photo opportunities at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party so wear a hat, any hat, to fit right in among your wonderland Friends.

“Becoming a Friend is one of those decisions you’ll never regret,” said current member Katherine Siebenaler. “You get to be a part of a community of people who value knowledge and culture, you support an institution that adds real-dollar value to your home and neighborhood, and you’ll be proud of all the extra books and movies and music and programming that your membership helps pay for. Plus the member appreciation party is a pretty great bonus!”

Additional information about Friends of Ferndale Library can be found at:





Also big thanks to our TWELVE business sponsors who are supporting The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party because they value the Ferndale Area District Library.


Ferndale Family Pharmacy

Candle Wick Shoppe

Valentine Distilling

The Rust Belt Market

Hayashi Law Firm


FIDO Personal Dog Training

Green Thumb Garden Center

Alchemy Slow Living Studios

Her & Him Beauty and Photography Design

Red Hook

Ocelot Print Shop


Thank you for your continued support!

About Friends of Ferndale Library

Friends of the Ferndale Library is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage the community and raise funds to support the Ferndale Area District Library. The Friends of Ferndale Library sponsor events, volunteer time, and raise funds for the library’s programs and services. Sponsorships are available for this event- contact the Friends at for more details and information.

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Ferndale Reads: A Recommendation from Axle Brewing Co.

This ongoing series features book recommendations from Ferndalians, community members, business owners, various movers/shakers… and, really, any passionate readers we have here around town…

Not sure what you to read next?? Maybe one of your neighbors could help!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ_AAAAJDAxNWVjMGU1LWQ3OTktNDVkZi04ZjQ2LTVhMGVlZjg1OTNmNgOur fifth installment features a selection from Dan Riley, President of Axle Brewing Company, which celebrated the opening of its first location on Livernois in May of this year.

Riley has a long and diverse resume of experience in media/marketing, sales and advertising, and has collaborated with lots of local entrepreneurs and organizations.


At Axle Brewing, they aspire to simply make great beer in the time-honored tradition with an eye toward innovation, allowing an independent and community-minded spirit to guide them.

Livernois Tap is designed to be a neighborhood gathering place. If you are more interested in beers, rather than books, click here. 🙂 


Meanwhile, Mr. Riley wanted to share a personal book recommendation for fiction fans.


Find Jim Harrison novels on our online catalog

Dan Riley, Axle Brewing Co.:
I’m a huge fan of Michigan native Jim Harrison. I can’t point to a single book that has inspired me the most, but his collected works have helped shape me.

His incredible use of language and his passion for the things he loves have inspired me for many years. I just finished his post-humous collection of mostly Food & Wine essays, A Really Big Lunch.

While the pieces span decades, the latter half focuses a lot on mortality and while many of the pieces cover old ground and repeat things, the order made me feel like I was with him during his last years.



During my career in the media industry, I regularly used quotes from Jim to inspire or anchor a meeting or strategic plan around.

At Axle Brewing Company’s Livernois Taproom, we have a painting of Jim Harrison done by local artist Don Kilpatrick surrounded by his quote that reads “The answer is in the entire story, not just a piece of it”. This represents the vision for our brand.


While we are a craft brewer who distributes beer to retailers, bars & restaurants, we are also a physical place where our neighbors gather to enjoy our beer and incredible food in a beautiful surrounding. We have a staff of people who share values that help us tell our entire story everyday, not just a piece of it.

Of Jim’s novels & collections of novellas,
Wolf, The Road Home, True North, Return to Earth, Brown Dog, and, of course, Legends of the Fall stand out…, but I’ve loved just about everything he’s ever done in some way. I regret that I never had the opportunity to share a glass of wine and a meal with him in Leland or Grand Marais or Lyon…, but I still often feel like I have.

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Detroit Party Marching Band – August 8



Tuesday, August 8 at 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Ferndale Area District Library


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Laura Finlay’s Collage Show at Ferndale Library

What I love about Laura‘s collage work is that she has such a keen sense for utilizing negative space, with these stark white backgrounds that almost attain a subtle iridescence onto themselves from within the frame, softly engulfing the merged images. So in that way, it pulls you in closer and closer until you can start to notice the intricate detail of cut work layering animals or structures or people that wouldn’t go together otherwise, but somehow attain harmony through her vision.

One reason to get to know Laura and her work is that it is implicitly analog and admirably meticulous. We’re so used to seeing the impossibly sleek and shiny art of digital graphic design art or flashy video editing wherever we look, and yet Laura‘s work is always the result of hours, days, weeks of finding images from old print materials, cutting them out ever so carefully and creating not just a concordance between disparate images, but making that melding something very beautiful.

Find out info about her reception here

and read an interview with the Oakland Press HERE

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Ferndale Reads: Recommendation from Lisa Bales

This new series features book recommendations from Ferndalians, community members, business owners, various movers/shakers, and, really, any passionate readers we have here around town…

Not sure what you to read next?? Maybe one of your neighbors could help!

Our fourth installment features a selection from Lisa Bales a Ferndale resident for seven years (and who works in production with The Talent Shop). We became acquainted with Lisa last year when we started collaborating with her husband, Robert, who co-founded a metro-area culture/events app called LocalHop. (More on LocalHop at the bottom of this page; it’s a really cool app we use to let folks know about library events…)

Here’s Lisa’s pick:


Find Lisa Bales’ pick in our online catalog, here

Behind Closed Doors, by B.A. Paris, is a perfect example of how you never know what goes on between couples when they are in the privacy of their home.  The plot is dark.  It’s about as sick and twisted as it gets.  Yet somehow, you just want to keep reading.

Jack & Grace Angel, the two main characters with completely opposite intentions, share similar traits: patient, determined and most of all, calculating. When the mentally-ill sister of Grace becomes the pawn to Jack’s sadistic game, Grace will stop at nothing to protect her. In fact, she’s proof that no matter how devastating the situation may seem, there is always a way out.





More about the LocalHop App —
The Ferndale Library is proud to be listing our events on this new app which is designed primarily to help people find fun and interesting things to do in your community.  The app can be downloaded for Android or iPhones. Events found in LocalHop can also easily be added to a user’s Google or Apple calendars and then shared with friends over their preferred social networks. Visit to find out more and to download the app!

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Cut It Out: Collage Works by Laura Finlay – Reception August 3

Laura Finlay’s Collage Show “Cut It Out”
Ferndale Area District Library Art Exhibition
August 3 Reception
6pm – 8pm
Exhibit on display July 24 – August 26
More info:


The Ferndale Area District Library continues hosting exhibitions of new and diverse works from established and emerging artists around Metro Detroit on Thurs. Aug 3 with a reception for collage specialist Laura Finlay. “Cut It Out” presents several dazzling handmade collages with gossamer spills of warmly poly-chromatic hues merging the organic elegance flora and fauna with photographs of folks looking both eccentric and ordinary, merged into captivating new context flourished from her unique re-imaging of the everyday.


Finlay is a multifaceted artist who does it all, from acting and singing, to photography and ceramics. Three years ago she really found her forte in collage, a means of combining her sensibilities for sculpture and photography into an artform that refreshingly diverged from a post-millennial inclination towards more swiftly-assembled digital graphic design and instead harkened back to an analog approach that demanded meticulous arrangement and, above all, patience.

“By bringing together strengths of composition and craft, I found a playful new way of storytelling that fascinates the audience,” Finlay said. “ I free the elements from pictures and rearranging them in isolated situations, I tell a new story. It acts as a second chance at life for these old books and magazines that were probably in a basement or garage for years that would have ended up being thrown out.”

Collaging lets Finlay fully utilize an affinity for fine detail; outlets such as singing, ceramics, or acting require considerable concentration, but these collages indulge a freer, expressive curiosity typically activated in dream states, where disparate organisms bring their familiar traits together into intriguing fusions that secure strange and uncanny new synchronicities.  


Finlay said that her art “…is recycling,” and minimizes her carbon footprint in our “throw away” society. Some of Finlay’s visual  inspirations include Monty Python, Aardman Animations, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Gustav Klimt, and Andy Goldsworthy. Come see what’s possible with the old school approach of scissors, paper, and patience, with the handmade collages of Laura Finlay.

Laura Finlay
Exhibition on display at Fendale Area District Library
July 24 – August 26
RECEPTION: Thurs., August 3, 6-8pm, featuring DJ Ryan Spencer
More info:


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August 8: Detroit Party Marching Band (it might get loud)

Stay tuned for photos (and hopefully some video) from this month’s installment of the Summer Concert Series (featuring Dan John Miller, of Goober & The Peas/Blanche)

Meanwhile, we’re already looking forward to the 3rd & final summer concert, featuring the exuberant rock/funk-meets-Sousa party parades of the Detroit Party Marching Band



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