Ferndale Reads: A Recommendation from Axle Brewing Co.

This ongoing series features book recommendations from Ferndalians, community members, business owners, various movers/shakers… and, really, any passionate readers we have here around town…

Not sure what you to read next?? Maybe one of your neighbors could help!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ_AAAAJDAxNWVjMGU1LWQ3OTktNDVkZi04ZjQ2LTVhMGVlZjg1OTNmNgOur fifth installment features a selection from Dan Riley, President of Axle Brewing Company, which celebrated the opening of its first location on Livernois in May of this year.

Riley has a long and diverse resume of experience in media/marketing, sales and advertising, and has collaborated with lots of local entrepreneurs and organizations.


At Axle Brewing, they aspire to simply make great beer in the time-honored tradition with an eye toward innovation, allowing an independent and community-minded spirit to guide them.

Livernois Tap is designed to be a neighborhood gathering place. If you are more interested in beers, rather than books, click here. 🙂 


Meanwhile, Mr. Riley wanted to share a personal book recommendation for fiction fans.


Find Jim Harrison novels on our online catalog

Dan Riley, Axle Brewing Co.:
I’m a huge fan of Michigan native Jim Harrison. I can’t point to a single book that has inspired me the most, but his collected works have helped shape me.

His incredible use of language and his passion for the things he loves have inspired me for many years. I just finished his post-humous collection of mostly Food & Wine essays, A Really Big Lunch.

While the pieces span decades, the latter half focuses a lot on mortality and while many of the pieces cover old ground and repeat things, the order made me feel like I was with him during his last years.



During my career in the media industry, I regularly used quotes from Jim to inspire or anchor a meeting or strategic plan around.

At Axle Brewing Company’s Livernois Taproom, we have a painting of Jim Harrison done by local artist Don Kilpatrick surrounded by his quote that reads “The answer is in the entire story, not just a piece of it”. This represents the vision for our brand.


While we are a craft brewer who distributes beer to retailers, bars & restaurants, we are also a physical place where our neighbors gather to enjoy our beer and incredible food in a beautiful surrounding. We have a staff of people who share values that help us tell our entire story everyday, not just a piece of it.

Of Jim’s novels & collections of novellas,
Wolf, The Road Home, True North, Return to Earth, Brown Dog, and, of course, Legends of the Fall stand out…, but I’ve loved just about everything he’s ever done in some way. I regret that I never had the opportunity to share a glass of wine and a meal with him in Leland or Grand Marais or Lyon…, but I still often feel like I have.

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