Laura Finlay’s Collage Show at Ferndale Library

What I love about Laura‘s collage work is that she has such a keen sense for utilizing negative space, with these stark white backgrounds that almost attain a subtle iridescence onto themselves from within the frame, softly engulfing the merged images. So in that way, it pulls you in closer and closer until you can start to notice the intricate detail of cut work layering animals or structures or people that wouldn’t go together otherwise, but somehow attain harmony through her vision.

One reason to get to know Laura and her work is that it is implicitly analog and admirably meticulous. We’re so used to seeing the impossibly sleek and shiny art of digital graphic design art or flashy video editing wherever we look, and yet Laura‘s work is always the result of hours, days, weeks of finding images from old print materials, cutting them out ever so carefully and creating not just a concordance between disparate images, but making that melding something very beautiful.

Find out info about her reception here

and read an interview with the Oakland Press HERE

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