Cut It Out: Collage Works by Laura Finlay – Reception August 3

Laura Finlay’s Collage Show “Cut It Out”
Ferndale Area District Library Art Exhibition
August 3 Reception
6pm – 8pm
Exhibit on display July 24 – August 26
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The Ferndale Area District Library continues hosting exhibitions of new and diverse works from established and emerging artists around Metro Detroit on Thurs. Aug 3 with a reception for collage specialist Laura Finlay. “Cut It Out” presents several dazzling handmade collages with gossamer spills of warmly poly-chromatic hues merging the organic elegance flora and fauna with photographs of folks looking both eccentric and ordinary, merged into captivating new context flourished from her unique re-imaging of the everyday.


Finlay is a multifaceted artist who does it all, from acting and singing, to photography and ceramics. Three years ago she really found her forte in collage, a means of combining her sensibilities for sculpture and photography into an artform that refreshingly diverged from a post-millennial inclination towards more swiftly-assembled digital graphic design and instead harkened back to an analog approach that demanded meticulous arrangement and, above all, patience.

“By bringing together strengths of composition and craft, I found a playful new way of storytelling that fascinates the audience,” Finlay said. “ I free the elements from pictures and rearranging them in isolated situations, I tell a new story. It acts as a second chance at life for these old books and magazines that were probably in a basement or garage for years that would have ended up being thrown out.”

Collaging lets Finlay fully utilize an affinity for fine detail; outlets such as singing, ceramics, or acting require considerable concentration, but these collages indulge a freer, expressive curiosity typically activated in dream states, where disparate organisms bring their familiar traits together into intriguing fusions that secure strange and uncanny new synchronicities.  


Finlay said that her art “…is recycling,” and minimizes her carbon footprint in our “throw away” society. Some of Finlay’s visual  inspirations include Monty Python, Aardman Animations, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Gustav Klimt, and Andy Goldsworthy. Come see what’s possible with the old school approach of scissors, paper, and patience, with the handmade collages of Laura Finlay.

Laura Finlay
Exhibition on display at Fendale Area District Library
July 24 – August 26
RECEPTION: Thurs., August 3, 6-8pm, featuring DJ Ryan Spencer
More info:


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