Sweets for Sweet Music! Ferndale Library Summer Bake Sale July 24

The Ferndale Library’s Summer Concert Series is a big crowd pleaser with patrons because it brings in top-tier talents from around Michigan, each specializing in a range of genres. The library’s biannual bake sales help raise funds for these engaging and enlightening concerts, with delicious baked goods lovingly whipped up by local volunteer chefs. This pop-up bakery will feature addictive little treats to ornately adorned desserts, available all day on Mon., Jul. 24 (10am-8pm). And yes, there will be jam!

Sale of Baked Goods Raises Funds for popular Summer Concert Series Performances
from Popular Artists like Dan John Miller, and the Detroit Party Marching Band

But volunteer bakers are needed. Anyone can drop off their donated treats in the library atrium, starting at 9am and continuing throughout the day on Jul 24.

Summer Bake Sale 2017 (1)

To any bakers out there, or anyone with a sweet tooth, this is a great way to support your library as well as your community. The baking talents of the neighborhood take center stage. Also, each sugary package or decadent dish could serve as an ideal gift, an optimal addition to family cookout, or maybe just a well deserved splurge.


In addition to the funds raised by the library’s bake sales, the Summer Concert Series is bolstered by a Friends of the the Ferndale Library sponsorship. This summer, the energetic Raion Taiko Japanese Drum Ensemble kicked things off in June, and coming up next is acclaimed singer/songwriter Dan John Miller (of Blanche and Goober & The Peas) performing Jul. 11, followed by a boisterous visit from The Detroit Party Marching Band on Aug. 8.


FADL’s Head of Circulation Kelly Bennett will be coordinating the Bake Sale; volunteers can email via kelly@ferndalepubliclibrary.org or call at 248-546-2504 ex. 697.


“We’re looking for a wide variety of treats,” Bennett said. “Vegan, gluten-free and diabetic options are great – we’d also appreciate it if the baked goods are split up into small packages for easy sale.”

Staff will be present in the library atrium at 9 am on Monday morning to accept donations for the day of the sale. For those looking to buy the yummy baked goods Ferndale has to offer, the sale will run 10 am to 8 pm on Mon., Jul. 24. Cash and check will be accepted as payment.

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