Friends of the Ferndale Library @Pig & Whiskey

I joined the Friends because I’m a reader, a reading fanatic. There are all kinds of loftier reasons too– because the library strengthens our community by providing an opportunity for education, for access to technology, for outreach to children and seniors, and for programming that brings neighbors together and dissolves our differences. But mostly it’s about all the books I want to read! — Katherine Siebenaler


We’d like YOU to consider joining the Friends of the Ferndale Library!

Everybody who uses the library is a friend, but some of us have come together to go one step further. We are making Ferndale an even better place to live by building a local community organization to support our library’s mission to serve those who live and work in Ferndale by providing the best possible information and entertainment, arts and culture. We invite you to join us.
What do the Friends of the Library Do?

Fundraising opportunity for the Library!
We need volunteers for our tent at Pig & Whiskey!


All of the tips earned by the helpful volunteer bartenders in our special courtyard beer tent will benefit the Ferndale Area District Library. 

If you’d like to volunteer for the Friends of the Ferndale Library to help us raise funds for programming and materials on the weekend of Pig & Whiskey, get in touch and find more info HERE.

Becoming a Friend is one of those decisions you’ll never regret. You get to be a part of a community of people who value knowledge and culture, you support an institution that adds real-dollar value to your home and neighborhood, and you’ll be proud of all the extra books and movies and music and programming that your membership helps pay for. Plus the member appreciation party is a pretty great bonus. –Katherine Siebelaner

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