Summer Reading: 50 Best Teen Books


Booklist’s 50 Best YA Books of All Time.

Studies have shown that Teens aren’t reading as much as they used to. The problem seems to be that they’re spending too much time online…

Digital connection is one thing, but a more substantive bond that only a book can help build, (like thinking more deeply, or even abstractly, about the world and society, or the rewards of contemplating the experiences of a protagonist who is from a different culture, or, best of all, the potential for self-empowerment sparked from the nuanced inspiration) all of those profound experiences can only be found in an affectingly arranged narrative, be it drama or comedy, or even dystopic adventure! Books win.

Teens are actually “reading” more than ever; but that’s because they’re just taking in so much information over social media, or just online, reading lots of text, but not actually experiencing the enrichment of great fiction.

Well. Summer Reading is kicking off Saturday. We know it might be an uphill battle to, not only just encourage your teens to do more recreational reading, but also find some good titles that will strike their fancy…  SO…, we thought we’d share the recently published list of the 50 Best YA (Young-Adult/Teen) Novels of All Time, as arranged by Booklist Magazine. 




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