Dan John Miller performs at Ferndale Library -July 11

Ferndale is witnessing a redefinition of the word “library”as the Ferndale Area District Library continues to produce more fun and engaging programming, activities and performances, such as July 11th’s Summer Concert Series featuring renowned singer/songwriter Dan John Miller.


Miller is one of Michigan’s musical treasures celebrated nationally for his folk/Americana compositions and tenures in eclectic groups such as Blanche and Goober & The Peas. This veteran of the Detroit rock scene was an early collaborator of Jack White’s (in Two Star Tabernacle), and is also an actor (as seen in 2005’s Oscar winning biopic Walk The Line). Miller’s live appearances have become more rare over the years, so the July 11 concert, presented by the Friends of the Ferndale Library, is an exciting opportunity for local music fans to catch an exclusive set from one of the scene’s true originals.

dan john miller

July’s installment of FADL’s 2017 Summer Concert Series starts at 6:30pm on July 11th. Dan John Miller’s performance is a free/all ages event.


More about Dan John Miller: Detroit-based singer/songwriter, Dan John Miller of the renowned Americana/rock outfits Blanche and Goober & The Peas will be playing July’s event. Whether giving a nuanced performance as Johnny Cash’s good friend and guitarist Luther Perkins in the Oscar-winning biopic Walk the Line, exploding on stage singing and/or playing guitar while fronting acclaimed bands Blanche and Goober & the Peas, using his voice-acting skills for multiple national advertising campaigns, or bringing hundreds of characters to life as an Audie Award-winning audiobook narrator, Dan John Miller carves and shapes singular, exceptional performances and characters.

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