Summer Concert Series is a Hit, with Raion Taiko’s Drumming!

Ferndale is witnessing a redefinition of the word “library”as the Ferndale Area District Library continues to produce more fun and engaging programming, activities and performances, such as July 11th’s Summer Concert Series featuring renowned singer/songwriter Dan John Miller.

Last week, almost 100 people packed the Ferndale Library’s Community Room, vestibule and entrance hall to experience the invigorating rhythmic arrangements and percussive harmonies of Troy-based Japanese Drumming ensemble Raion Taiko!

This June portion of the library’s Summer Concert Series (pictured below) was significantly more engaging than your average concert, with crowd participation, informative insights into Japan’s musical heritage, and, of course, some intense drumming. The crowd went wild.

Libraries can be performance spaces, but also a meeting room, a gallery, or even, sometimes, a pop-up petting zoo! The Ferndale Library will welcome goats this summer, for a Children’s Reading program.


The mission of the Ferndale Library is to enhance the city’s character, and its capacity to attract and nurture talent and creativity, mobilize ideas, stimulate innovation and encourage diversity. What better way to accomplish that, then a concert for the community?

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