Sonic Visuals ~ June 29


Detroit-based artist Brian Rozman has lived two creative lives, one as a musician, the other as a photographer. Both sides, the aural and visual, converge in dynamically captured photographs on Jun 29 when the Ferndale Library hosts a reception for “Sonic Visuals,” a three-year retrospective of Rozman’s documentation of Detroit’s arts & culture scene.

On June 29th, the Ferndale Library hosts a reception for “Sonic Visuals,” featuring live music by The High Strung. This free event will begin at 6pm, with light refreshments served. Music begins just before 7pm. Exhibition on Display June 11 – July 16

“My entire life, I’ve been obsessed with sound, and finding new and interesting ways to alter sound.” Rozman said. “Now, with these photographs, I capture and remix light!”

Rozman is not only an experienced DJ and avid record collector, but he has also performed at just about every local rock club in the region over the last 10 years under the moniker of Carjack. What began as a solo project blending punk and electro, (or something like Black Flag & DEVO), has since evolved into a 3-piece experimental rock band blending electro-rock, hip-hop, noise and space-pop.

“It has been, and continues to be, a study of light and energy,” said Rozman. Attendees will notice that his careful composites of light and shadow, imbue each image with an evocation of voluminous energy. When you see amplifiers behind the dozens of rock bands he’s photographed live, you’ll swear, with his signature vision, you can almost hear the feedback emanating off the canvas.

Rozman’s keen eye for capturing artists live, in the moment, comes from his addiction to the thrill of live concerts. He’s embedded himself into the front rows of the hottest shows, from the White Stripes’ first shows in the late 90’s at The Gold Dollar, to rising new groups like Flint Eastwood’s theatrical mega-party inside the Fischer Building. By now, he’s a veteran at anticipating the unpredictable. Not only that, as a musician himself, he more than understands the supernatural energy inherently flowing through an artist in the heat of performance.


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