Ferndale Reads: June from FADL Book Store Recommends…

This new series features book recommendations from famous Ferndalians, community members, business owners, various movers/shakers, and, really, any ardent book lovers in town.

18447867_10211652652126332_880014445_nOur third installment features a selection from June Axelrad, the manager of our Friends of the Ferndale Library’s Used Book Store.

You’ve likely purchased a book from June over the last three years (at a great deal, I might add,) but now you can actually get a better picture of the types of novels she enjoys most, like this one….




June’s Pick: Heroes of the Frontier by Dave Eggers. 

index“Heroes is a self-discovery and life affirming tale reminiscent of Wild, but with children. Josie is beset by demons both real and imagined. She faces legal troubles and feels threatened by her ex-husband.

Fearing that she may lose custody of her children, she flees to Alaska. The family travels in a rickety trailer and the story starts out as a glorious travel adventure. Beset by wildfires and financial troubles, Josie has to live by her wits, finding illegal shelter where she can and fleeing the encroaching fires.

Through it all, she and her children grow strong. I wasn’t sure I liked Josie at first, but I ended up loving her and this book. For those who are fans of Dave Eggers, it is a testament to his writing that his style varies from book to book. This and What is the What are two of my favorite books.”


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