Local Music Collection: ADULT., and Dennis Coffey

Michigan musicians! Songwriters, producers, performers, singers, from Ferndale to Grand Rapids, Hamtramck to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti to Detroit, Port Huron to Kalamazoo…. We have an ever-building collection of Michigan music and we’d love to add YOUR album! We have upwards to 350 albums from Michigan musicians, including the two new releases you can stream below…

But before we sample that, we just wanted to tug on the ears of local artists and let you know that we’re big fans of yours – and we’d love to feature your new album in our circulating collection. Send us a message on Facebook!  If you’d like to donate your album–that’d be mighty generous… But we did just have a millage pass, so we do have a budget to compensate you, if you’d prefer…

But, hey… let’s listen to a couple songs…

17 - 1 (17).jpg

Local electronic music duo ADULT. just released their latest album–an ambitious and experimental odyssey of diverse ideas and vibes clashing together in a graceful ballet of beautiful noise and provocative chaos. Six artists from around the world came to their home in Detroit for 3 weeks residencies, in which time they would collaborate on two songs -and build their way to a 12-song full length album.

Meanwhile, we also recently added the latest album by Detroit funk-guitar icon, a soul-rock legend, a veteran of the Motown era’s Funk Brothers, Mr. Dennis Coffey. Take a listen to a track from Hot Coffey In The D

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