Ferndale Reads: Recommendation from The Rust Belt’s Chris Best

This new series features book recommendations from famous Ferndalians, community members, business owners, movers, shakers, and any ardent book lovers in town.


18426612_10211474152342143_1071185087_oFor our debut post, we feature a pick from Chris Best, co-founder/co-manager of The Rust Belt Market (22801 Woodward Ave)

For more information on the Rust Belt, you can find it on Facebook, or visit its main site, here.

On Saturday, May 20th, the Rust Belt hosts “Rally In The Alley” : a six-year anniversary of the Rust Belt with several sensational Food Trucks offering delicious, charming cuisine.
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Chris Best’s Book Recommendation is available at the Ferndale Area District Library


I’d recommend the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.


This book should be required reading for all High School seniors. While praising hard work and dedication, it makes the argument that privilege and/or luck are actually major factors when it comes to success.

In this book, Gladwell seeks to question the common American narrative of the “self made man” through anecdotes of high profile success stories.

Hard work + smarts + a lot of luck= success. Work hard to be ready to seize a lucky opportunity!

-Chris Best


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