Make & Take Journals – May 13

17 - 1 (29)The Ferndale Area District Library’s starting a new activity series where kids can learn about artistic expression with Make & Take Journals, starting Sat., May 13.

Youth Services Librarian Elissa Zimmer is coordinating this new monthly program that creates a welcoming and encouraging environment for kids and teens (ages 12+), where they can simply catch the DIY spirit of creativity, and learn to let loose their imagination in the form of crafts, like 3D-decorated journals, mod podge, foam cutouts, and more!

Pictured: an example of the designs and cool 3-D effects that kids can create with blank journals

The premise is simple enough: Make something! Take it home! The Make & Take series will be all about showing kids the fun side of arts & crafts, where there isn’t any required skill level, no art teacher assigning a grade, and no prize for making the best piece. Make & Take activities can help kids and teens develop and embrace a sense of their own individuality–making something that comes from inside, that means something to them, that they, and their families can treasure.

17 - 1 (28)

Too often, teens can develop a self-consciousness that clamps them from feeling comfortable expressing themselves in a group — one of FADL’s Make & Take series’ biggest goals is to get more teens involved and encouraging them that there isn’t any pressure, expectation, or prior experience required. Instead, they’ll merely motivate their inner artistic sides and perhaps blow off a bit of steam. Creating something can provide a catharsis, a relief from stress, and replenish their brains just in time for final exams.

This month Make & Take attendees will be making 3D decorated journals or books using mod podge, foam cutouts, tissue paper, and more! Zimmer will provide some books and journals, but if kids and teens have a blank journal or a favorite book, they are free to bring it in. Registration required, so please sign up with a librarian or online using this link:

And coming up later, this spring/summer…
Make & Take: Craftsplosion Thursday, June 22nd 6:30pm
Make & Take: Nebula Jar Necklaces Saturday, July 8th 2pm


Make & Take.png


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