Food for thought

Libraries have become a broadband lifeline to the cloud for students

As cloud computing has become an integral part of the lives of students at public schools, it has increased the importance of a place generations of students have turned to for much more analog learning needs—the library. Read more

ALSO in the news….

Public libraries need help. The super-rich could provide it.
Making the case for a privately funded national library endowment.

Could a privately funded national library endowment help rural areas and small towns like Norlina — and the rest of the United States — in an era where the average 15-to-19-year-old devotes just eight minutes per day to recreational reading on weekends and holidays? Almost half the adults in Detroit were functionally illiterate as of 2011, and four years later, 93 percent of the city’s eighth-graders were found to be reading below “proficient” grade level.

A well-funded national endowment could not only help upgrade libraries, but also encourage Americans of all ages to make better and more frequent use of them. Spending on literacy campaigns and other activities could grow as the endowment’s portfolio did. Donors could come from the ranks of the super-rich, with others encouraged to give directly to their local libraries.  Read more


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