Local Author Tom Stanton Discusses Detroit’s 1930s History of Crime and Sports on Apr 22


Presented by Book Club of Detroit and hosted in the Ferndale Library’s Community Room
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An intriguing tale from local history about murder, baseball, and the secret society that shocked Depression-era Detroit will be discussed at the Ferndale Library on Sat., Apr. 22.

Local author Tom Stanton is an Associate Professor of Journalism at University of Detroit Mercy, and a past recipient of the Michigan Library Association’s Author of the Year Award.

At 2 pm on Apr 22, The Book Club of Detroit will host a lecture from Stanton at the Ferndale Library, discussing his new book Terror in the City of Champions. 

Stanton will talk about the riveting, intersecting tales of the frightening rise and fall of the Black Legion, a secret terrorist organization that flourished in Detroit’s underground during the late 1920s and 30s. He will show how the scourge of the Black Legion’s nefarious crimes was counteracted by the uplifting heroics of athletes on the Detroit Tigers.

The discussion starts at 2pm, with copies of Terror in the City of Champions on hand for purchase. Stanton will begin signing copies at 3pm. No registration is required.

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