Celebrate National Reading Month

Take our Reading Challenge This Spring

The Ferndale Library will not be hosting a Ferndale Reads series for 2017, but instead encourages everyone to visit the library this March for smaller activities celebrating National Reading Month. If you’re stuck in a reading rut and longing to fall back in love with books, perhaps something fun like our reading challenge could re-inspire you? Plus, you could win a prize!

FADL Spring Reading Challenge
FADL Spring Reading Challenge: March 6 and April 15 
>>There will be four $25 gift cards to local establishments up for grabs.
>>>>Drawing for prizes will be held April 17
>>>>>>Stop by the Reference Desk (or visit the website), on or after March 6th, to pick up a Reading Challenge Game Board
1)  Read a book that meets one or more of six choices set by FADL staff
2)  Write a review or a summary of what you read in the form of a haiku poem (we will have examples to help you do this) and turn the reviews into the Reference Desk, OR post them to our Facebook page. 
3)  For each review receive an entry form to win a prize
4)  Everyone is welcome to read (& write a haiku for) as many books as they want

More info: http://ferndalepubliclibrary.org/spring 

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