New Art On Display Next Week

The Ferndale Area District Library’s Art and Exhibitions Committee began its mission about five years ago, coordinating solo and group exhibitions of local artists, to be displayed throughout the library. This board of volunteers promote and foster an appreciation of two and three-dimensional art works, hung or displayed to enrich the recreational use of the library by its patrons. FADL-Art also facilitates special events like lectures or demonstrations by artists, receptions, and the curation of an expanded collection of art books.


Starting this Saturday (Jan 28th), we’ll be featuring the work of Detroit based artist Linden

Linden surfaces into the art community with fresh interpretations of an exceptional art form. She creates in a range of mediums, utilizing anything from hot beeswax, fire and x-acto blades, to an ancient method called encaustic painting.This process gives a great depth to each piece. Her work hearkens the beauty and richness of Art Nouveau, the irreverence of Lowbrow and the wonder-filled illustrations of children’s’ books.

Linden, formerly exhibiting as Lindsey Harnish, has shown throughout Metro Detroit, including the Scarab Club Emerging Artist Series, the Damned Exhibition and the Janice Charach Gallery.

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