First Stop Friday with The Old Adage and TART (Feb 3)

First Stop Friday is a free, live (and fully amplified) rock concert that begins after library business hours at 7pm. Featured performers include two high-energy up-and-coming indie-pop duos TART and The Old Adage.

First Stop Friday’s Local Music Showcase is organized by FADL’s Head of Circulation, Kelly Bennett, and sponsored the Friends of the Ferndale Library.

The Ferndale Library closes at 6pm every Friday, but on Feb. 3, the doors open again at 7pm, with live music beginning shortly after. This is a free concerts designed to highlight the talents of the local music scene around the Detroit area.

The Old Adage

Mimi and Nino Chavez comprise The Old Adage. The brother-sister musical duo are currently based in Detroit, but they lived in several SE Michigan cities while they were growing up and playing music together. They’ve found this interesting middle-ground between Motown and electronica, between throwback rock and futurist pop; glossy and classy, sweet and swaggering. There’s a shade of darkness and post-punk mystique to some of their first album’s songs, but their newest stuff always pivots into the celebratory pop realm for the catchy choruses.

Mimi Chavez reports that they’ve been “writing up a storm” lately, with plans to parse through their batch of material and pick the sleekest and most sensational songs to be released as singles in the spring and summer.

“We’re definitely looking to go for a more modern sound with this new material, but staying true to ourselves of course,” said Chavez. “We are always looking to try new things. We actually want to go for more of an electronic sound this time around. We’ve been back and forth with wanting a (full backup) band or to switch things up with the instruments between the two of us, but the fact of the matter is we are what we are for a reason, and we feel we need to work with what we have right now.”

Fans of alt-pop and indie-electronica acts like Chvrches, Purity Ring, or Awolnation should take note. “We don’t feel like we sound like any of those bands at all to be honest,” says Chavez, but admits that it’s at least a close-enough reference point for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

“We love all types of genres and music and our music is just a combination of everything we love and pieces of us that we are sharing that we hope people can relate to,” Chavez said. “Music is what we are drawn to most…But it could have to do with our mom pushing it on us as children, and it being a part of our lives literally since we ever existed though!”


Tart are a dynamic duo that have been in flux over the last year. But their essence grew from this garage-glam sound and an effervescent post-punk stomp; a fun, yet fierce blending of metal-pop and dance-rock, and able to affect and sway the energy of a room almost instantaneously. Their music punches with so much pizzazz because its sleek, melodic music exudes the personalities of its two dynamic performers, the mad scientist guitarist Adam Lee Padden and the theatrical dancefloor firebrand balladeer Zee Bricker.

“The biggest news of the past few months is the addition of Donny Blum (formerly of Von Bondies) on drums,” said Padden. “So far we’ve played roughly 10 shows with Donny, and we couldn’t be happier!  He’s been a perfect fit for us; he’s a fantastic drummer & and all around great guy!

Bricker and Padden recently recorded two songs with producer Zach Shipps (of Electric Six fame), and plan to releasing them as a 7″ single in the coming months. From there, they’re heading in to the studio to start work on more recordings, likely an EP, or maybe a full length.

Tart, however, will be trying something different for their set at the Ferndale Library; unplugged! “We are strong believers in good songs,” said Padden, “which is why we love the opportunity to do acoustic sets, like this one at the library.  It allows us to really boil down the arrangements to the bare bones of the song; really getting to the crux of it.
Said Bricker, of Tart, “…at the end of the day we’re drawn to strong, simple melodies and straight forward song structures. With the addition of Donny, our sound has shifted considerably, from the synth/electo/pop…to a much grittier sound.  Someone recently described us as New Wave-Garage-Pop, and we really dug that description.”
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