Detroit Hustle Author Visits Ferndale Library  Book Signing & Discussion, Feb 2nd

Author Amy Haimerl
Book Signing & Discussion, Feb 2nd

When author/reporter Amy Haimerl moved to Detroit, she bought an abandoned house on Van Dyke Place in the West Village settling into a ramshackle nest in great need of refurbishment. Her memoir, Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Home, details her and her husband’s enthusiastic DIY efforts to revitalize their a derelict domicile and truly make a dynamic home for themselves.
Haimerl’s book documents the gritty minutiae and tedious tacklings of remodeling a home from scratch, but also underlines the couple’s concerted and compassionate efforts to become exemplary neighbors to the residents of their newly adopted community.

Perhaps you’re keen to catch a broader picture of Detroit’s comeback, or maybe you are already a fan of other popular home renovation programs on reality television, or maybe you could use a few pointers about repairing and restoring facets of older houses, then you’ll no doubt benefit from attending Haimerl’s discussion of her book.

This program is cosponsored by the Ferndale Library and the Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commision. Afterwards, the author will be signing copies of Detroit Hustle.

More on Haimerl: After she and her husband were priced-out of their Brooklyn neighborhood, they chose Detroit as their next destination. They purchased a gutted-out 1914 Georgian Revival house that they nicknamed “Matilda.” The steady fixing-up of this house has been documented online at The Detorit House Blog: 

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