An open letter to: …that one friend of yours who doesn’t go to the library much, anymore…


Hello there…

It’s your library. Hey! What’s up…? We never talk anymore! I mean… You’d probably expect us to just “shush” you if you even tried talking to us, but, really, we’re all about a whispered chat, now and then…

So, how’ve you been? Read anything good lately? I mean…, ya know, of course we could help you with that: we’re a library, after all! LOL… But then, you might be occupying a lot of your free time with the latest binge-worthy television show on Hulu, or Netflix, or Amazon, or wherever else. And, that’s totally understandable; cuz everyone here on staff at the library has the same gushy gabfests and characteristically shushes out spoilers about those same shows when we’re gathered around our proverbial water-coolers.

Too bad the library can’t circulate physical copies of those hip new shows; then we might see even more folks coming in…

Okay. We don’t want to get all overly sensitive about it, but, ya know, like we said, we don’t see you as much as we’d like! It’s no guilt trip. It’s just that it seems the implication might be: Hey, maybe fewer people really need the library, anymore, what with most everything being easily accessible, either online (for free) or with the swift ease of various subscription streaming services.

Let’s face it: the library’s not as glamorous or exciting as those streaming sites. It’s just a big building filled with obsolete print mediums, right? WAIT…….. Wait…

What if the Ferndale Library got it’s own version of Netflix? What if you could download & stream free videos, music, audiobooks, comics and eBooks on your mobile device or computer with your library card?? 

We’re talking digital movies, music, and MORE! Hundreds of thousands of titles from major providers, labels, studios and publishers, instantly available, 24/7, and free with your Library Card!

We wanted to let you know that you are appreciated! I mean, we miss seeing you in the library! But we’re still thankful for your being an upstanding library cardholder. And we know that you, like so many of us, are on the go, busy with work, busy with family, busy with hobbies, just busy…! And, likely not as free as one would like to be able to stop in and browse the library’s DVD selection or our new audiobooks.

That’s why we are excited to announce Hoopla digital: a new digital media service provided to you, our patron, through which you may access and enjoy nearly half a million titles, from six different formats: Movies, TV, Music Albums, eAudiobooks , eBooks, and Comics/Graphic Novels. HOOPLA gets you access to popular titles all in one location, from your computer, tablet or Smartphone!

With hoopla, there are no hold lists, no extra apps or accounts needed or special steps to use it.

It just works!

On a mobile device, borrowed content may be temporarily downloaded and accessed offline or, in either the app or on a computer, all borrowed content may be enjoyed while connected to the internet by streaming.

We really love Hoopla. It is easy to use and provides you, and all of our dear patrons, instant access (again, with no waiting!!) to any titles they want. As a library cardholder, you may borrow up to 3 titles per month.

To register for and enjoy hoopla digital for free with your library card, please download the hoopla digital app from your Apple or Google Play store on your mobile device. If you are using a computer, you may visit

For more information or should you have questions, please visit or call us or see more details on our website.

Your library loves you. Your library sometimes misses you, too. But, all we really want you to do is make sure you’re getting the most out of your Ferndale Library Card. With HOOPLA, now more than ever, you can access and enjoy library materials with ease and quickness, all from home (or on the go…)

See you soon
-your Ferndale Library


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