Happy New Year

Hello, Ferndale

How many holiday films have we seen where it winds up with this extended monologue by a main character expounding the magic of the season, the importance of fostering compassion, and extolling the rejuvenating joy of everyone coming together! Even your library is getting into that trend.


At the end of the year, we look back on a calendar full of great memories, fun events and engaging programs. We’ve had concerts and coloring sessions, author visits and “Uprooted” music and movement activities for our toddler-age sprouts. We’ve had two seasonal youth reading programs, the continuation of our Teen Advisory Group, and another successful Halloween Spooktacular. Our Youth Librarians also expanded their participation in outreach programming with Ferndale Public Schools, while our interim director continued outreach to adult residents who can’t always make it in to the library.

Most importantly, this library experienced it’s own miracle! And we didn’t have to wait until the end of the year! Ferndale citizens went to the polls last August and voted in support of replacing the the library’s millage for 10 more years. This meant we could restore our hours of operation went into effect on September 9th and we were able to re-open on Fridays!

So, thanks to your support, the New Year will see the Ferndale Library upgrading the public computer workstations in both the adult lab and Kids Corner, ordering more on-demand digital resources (like eBooks, Audiobooks and online learning tools) and organizing even more literacy programs for K-12th grade readers.

We aspire to be, not just the best library we can be, but also a community center. We want to be an inviting, an exciting, and an entertaining hub of activity; we want to be a serene site of solitude for readers and researchers; we want to be a place where children can learn but also have fun; we want to be a place where you can meet up with groups to finish assignments, to coordinate events, to forge organizations; we want to be the meeting-place of Ferndale, the anchor enrichment amid the downtown strip. We want to be a place where memories are made…

And, after seven years working here, I can say, personally, that I have already made lifelong memories. Some of the best of those memories have come simply from observing the fun, the fascinations, the foraging and the finding of fictions and non-fictions, the friends who come to hang out and the foundations that are forged under are roof. And, in that way, it shows one of the reasons I love my job: it’s because I get to see the community come together.

Another reason I love my job is that I work with such a wonderful staff. I don’t always tell this as much on a daily basis. Here we are, nearly xmas, and I, just like everyone else, feel that Dickensian urgency to spread the love, to exude appreciation, to share my eloquent sentiments of admiration toward them… I really do work with the best staff. Every one of them are so energized, so creative, so dedicated to making this the best damn library it can be…

We, as a staff, utilize music, we utilize our courtyard, we utilize our individual skillsets, backgrounds and areas of expertise, we bring our own senses of imagination, our own senses of humor, our so much thoughtfulness to all the programming and events we coordinate. And their enthusiasm feeds my enthusiasm and the whole thing swells into this enthusiasm storm that, when it forms right, sparks lightning bolts of illumination, both big and small, either for a child learning to read or an adult job seeker forming a resume.

At the end of the day, at the end of each year, what we strive for is to strengthen the community of Ferndale by providing access to materials and services that inform, enrich, entertain, and empower. We’re working to be the city’s center of cultural vitality and participation, so that we can enhance the quality of life for all Ferndale residents…. And my staff helps me to contribute to that! And YOU, Ferndale, help us in that mission, by voting for the millage, by visiting us every week or every month, by showing your appreciation for what a library can do and what a library can be…



There’s your schmaltzy-cinematic holiday monologue!


I love this library and I love my co-workers

Happy New Year, everyone!


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