Holiday Wrapping Swap & Trim Trade

The holidays are here again and many of us are looking to revive our holiday decorations and maybe zazz up our present wrapping, this year. Whether it be for Hanukkah or Christmas, or even the Winter Solstice, whatever you celebrate, we’d like you to share and swap some of your decorative wrappings and trim at this month’s Crafternoon, Sat., Dec. 17 at 2pm.


The Ferndale Library is hosting a holiday/wintertime swap of varying decorations, where people can drop off and trade their paper, bows, bags and other decorations with other patrons

Maybe you  have rolls and rolls of wrapping paper at home that still work, that still look delightful, but you’re just longing for a fresh pattern for your gifting this year?  This event coincides with our ongoing Crafternoons program (always on the third Saturday of the month).


Come for the swap from 2-3 pm and stay for other crafty events, including a bow making station where you can learn how to make new and fancy types of bows. We’ll have the Friends of the Ferndale Library wrapping station where you, if the spirit takes you, you can make a donation and get your present wrapped by a member of our Friends’ members. There will also be a hot chocolate bar and other crafternoon activities like sewing and knitting.

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