Book Party

You’re all missing out! That’s all I can tell you…


Friends don’t let Friends Read Alone… 

And here’s why:
In a world of cultural plenty…, where we can stream any song we want, likely while away all our movie-watching time over Netflix/Hulu and then go and download any book we want onto our phones, I believe that results in each of us silently struggling to stave off a certain anxiety from time to time…

Because when  you can find whatever you like, you’ll always doubt your own choice! Should be reading this right now? What about that other book that is just a mere download away…?

You can share recommendations with your friends over sites like Goodreads and you can keep up on the latest hyped/buzzed book via Book~Riot. But I’ll tell you what you’re missing… FEEDBACK! DISCOURSE! Shared sentiments, comparable responses and contrasting interpretations, you’re missing out on a quietly thrilling dialogue in which you could engage others who are reading the SAME BOOK as you… And by that, I mean, IRL, in person, face to face, call & response!

If you feel like you’re in a reading rut, then you’d be surprised how much more excited you could get about reading a new book when you’ve aligned with one of our CLUBS!



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