Libraries Transform: Enage

We’re showcasing the ways ‪#‎librariesTransform‬
This week: Engagement!

In the words of Robert Putnam, “People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there.”

Pew Research has shown that public libraries are used, and views as, important community spaces. 

Furthermore, Pew found that the services most Americans appreciate from their public libraries are programming for children and teens, free events/activities, free public meeting spaces and quiet study spaces.


The deepening engagement Libraries establish with their communities takes many forms, from technology access, to education, and social services, and that’s utilized by diverse segments of a population. 

In fact, since it’s time for Summer Reading programs, we should emphasize that public libraries are important partners in child development, through books, programs and their physical spaces, where children can learn at the library the importance of sharing, and how to be engaged in their communities; to participate in the arts (as with music & movement programs), and to explore their immediate world and the world at large.

Beyond that, we’ve got concerts, film screenings, storyhours, politicians visiting for talks, author talks/book signings, Summer Reading, too, and much more! 


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