Libraries Transform

Six Metro-area libraries collaboratively launch public awareness campaign


Ferndale, MI (June 10, 2016) Six metro-area public libraries are joining forces to launch Libraries Transform, a collaborative public awareness campaign highlighting their substantial services and enriching programming. Everyone’s acquisition of a smartphone doesn’t singularly render public libraries obsolete.  In fact, the 21st century’s rapid advances in technology have been fueling a library renaissance.

This month, the public libraries of Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Royal Oak and Southfield are unifying their efforts to increase awareness of the ways their help transform the lives of the patrons in their communities. Along with that, this campaign can show how libraries are transforming in a post internet age and continuing adaptive efforts to meet the digital and print needs of their patrons.

“Why do libraries still matter…?” Because more than 25% of U.S. households don’t have a computer with internet connection. Because learning to read comes before reading to learn. Because there is no single source for information, (sorry Wikipedia)! Because you can log onto the Internet just like you can drive onto the freeway, but your Librarian will be your digital Siri.

These six metro-area libraries want to shed the shushing-stigma of libraries as merely quiet reading spaces and instead  loudly call for a brighter spotlight upon the ways they’ve continually helped transform the lives of their patrons, and demonstrate how they, as institutions, have been transforming themselves into technologically-augmented community centers.. No longer just places for books, these libraries now offer an assortment of free digitally-based programs and multifaceted services.


Still, when “everything’s online,” folks start developing a troubling consensus that places like museums, post offices, newspapers and, yes, libraries, lose their relevance. This local Libraries Transform campaign encourages everyone to discard their outdated conceptions of libraries as antiquarian book lenders and come inside for some refreshing conversations about how they’ve renewed their raison d’etre.

The tech-based resources at libraries across Oakland County are transforming lives through digital literacy and seeding lifelong learning. Along with that, they feature storyhours for families, book clubs for grownups, computer classes for internet novices, local art exhibits, local author book signings, concerts, movies, instructional workshops, meet-and-greets with local politicians and that’s just for starters!

Librarians are professional pathfinders; you’d be amazed at how much faster you find your aspired goal when you’ve got the librarian’s beacon lighting the way.

As part of next week’s local launch of this nationwide campaign, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Royal Oak and Southfield libraries will spend five consecutive weeks highlighting the ways they elevate their communities, through increasing access to education, employment, entrepreneurship, engagement, and empowerment. These six libraries are each dynamic centers for learning in the digital age; the services of their staff members are catalysts for powerful individual and community change.

Because of you…Libraries Transform

It’s time for Summer Reading programs at libraries across Oakland County. These six libraries each participate and share services with an expansive cooperative of SE-Michigan libraries called The Library Network, assuring interlibrary loaning and shared access for their individual residents.  Throughout the coming weeks, participants in summer reading programs or any casual visitors to these respective libraries are encouraged to stop by service desks and share their experience. Why is the library still a vital component of society? Why do libraries still mater? Fill out personal message cards that answer with “Because___” “Because txt r fine, but srsly, ppl, also need 2 c real sentences!”

Put our librarians to the test; see if they can’t help you transform a facet of your everyday life. Or, fill out a testimonial form and tell us your story. How has the library helped you?

If nothing else, just stop by. See for yourself. Explore the library; it’s probably a lot different than you remember it…

Libraries Transform Public Awareness Campaign
June 18 – July 30

Hazel Park
Huntington Woods:
Oak Park:
Royal Oak:

For more information about Libraries Transform please visit

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