Ferndale Reads 2016: Station Eleven

Have you gotten your free copy of Station Eleven from the Ferndale Library yet?

Station ElevenThe disarmingly tender and thought-provoking dystopian suspense novel was recently announced as the selection for the library’s annual community book club series Ferndale Reads. This is the seventh installment of Ferndale Reads, spanning the springtime with a set of fun and engaging events and programs tying in with a single book’s fictional world and thematic elements.


Ferndale-native Darlene Hellenberg is the Head Reference Librarian and she has spearheaded these community-wide book clubs each year. This year’s book is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. “I love this book!” Hellenberg said. “When The Michigan Humanities Council selected it for their program, The Great Michigan Read, I knew we had to participate in their program and make it our Ferndale Reads selection.”


Free copies of Station Eleven were facilitated by Ferndale Reads 2016’s sponsor, the Friends of the Ferndale Library. This non-profit, volunteer-run organization is dedicated to engaging the community and raising funds to support the library. Hellenberg has arranged several programs scheduled throughout the forthcoming month, including a visit from the veteran food instructor Renee Chodowksi (aka The Great Foodini,) with a presentation on “Food of the Apocalypse” (on May 9 at the Ferndale Library). A full schedule of events, including the finale featuring author Emily St. John Mandel’s visit and book-signing at the Tangent Gallery (May 19) are available at the library’s circulation desk.


The acclaimed Station Eleven begins in the wake of a pandemic that devastates civilization, following unique characters like a Hollywood star, a zealous prophet and a nomadic group of Shakespearean actors, as they seek salvation across scattered outposts in the Great Lakes region. Rather than giving away too much about the book, library staff is encouraging patrons to consider joining a couple of three unique book clubs, each of which will be discussing Station Eleven to celebrate Ferndale Reads.


The Thursday Afternoon Book Club will discuss Station Eleven on April 21 at the Ferndale Library (starting at 12:30 PM). This club is perfect for recreational readers with freer weekly schedules, perhaps for the newly retired or folks who work night shifts and miss other regular early-evening book club meetings.

The Friends of the Ferndale Library serve as a non-profit booster group, raising funds and hosting special events, however, membership as a Friend is not mandatory to join in on a discussion for their book club meeting. At the Apr 26 meeting, starting at 7:30 PM, they’ll be discussing Station Eleven.

Meanwhile, Hellenberg hosts a bi-monthly Book Party at the Emory in Ferndale (May 18, 7:30 PM), for those yearning for a less formal, fun and relaxing reading group review.


In the meantime… we recommend checking out Go Comedy’s excellent comedic spin on Station Eleven

Go Comedy Improv Inspired By Ferndale Reads



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