That thing you’ve been talking about trying? Just try it, already!!

They call it “lifehack.” Or, “…winning-at-life.” When you embrace new hobbies, fresh outlooks, hot trends, nifty tools, or expeditious techniques  that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient….

win at life

—Each week, we’re going to show you a buried treasure full of tips that could totally change your life. We know you keep talking about trying out these trends, at some point… But you never seem to get around to it… Well, if you have your library card and 5 free minutes, just stop by on your way home from work and grab this title…

This week’s modern mode: diet 

Raw Basics: Incorporating Raw Living Foods into Your Diet Using Easy and Delicious Recipes

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“Raw Basics provides easy beginning steps to add more fresh, vibrant living foods to your diet. This book answers the question ‘How do I get embark on a raw-foods diet?’ by offering relevant real-time solutions to integrate more living foods into your eating plan, as well as simple guidelines that will become your road map for success in the transition.

Everyone, regardless of background, can use Raw Basics and the tools inside to begin making delicious raw meals and feel the health benefits of the living-foods lifestyle. Within these pages, you’ll find five simple ways to get started, a number of everyday recipes, kid-friendly selections from chef Jenny Ross’s own family favorites, menus for entertaining, and easy transition dishes”

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