Detroit Arts & Business Institute Hosts “Mind Your Art,” March 9th at Ferndale Library


Marketing Seminar for Artists
Wed., Mar 9
6:30 pm
222 E. Nine Mile Rd
Registration Required

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Local Artists Can Learn How to Connect with Galleries/Retailers

Detroit Arts & Business Institute Hosts “Mind Your Art,” March 9th at Ferndale Library

How can local artists earn an income with their talents? How can they get others to notice and feature their creativity? The Detroit Arts & Business Institute’s Andrea Rosenfeld hosts a special marketing seminar at the Ferndale Library Wed. Mar. 9 specifically geared towards local artists to help them focus their gifts towards getting into galleries and networking with retailers.


“Mind Your Art” will go over basic business strategies as it applies to a healthy business model, then segue into marketing ideas and the proper way to connect with buyers/galleries.


Whether you just started in graphic design or only recently picked up a paintbrush and palette, or if you’ve been sculpting or sketching all your life, this event will be an enlightening and informative experience because it will be focusing explicitly on the business side of an artist’s life, which can typically be the last thing artists have on their minds when they’re in their studios.


Local artists must operate like local business operators, as Rosenfeld will stress. The founder and CEO of the Detroit Artist & Business Institute recognizes that every artist has passion, drive and creative vision, but may not be as savvy when it comes to competent and effective small business management skills necessary to make headway as a successful working artist.

Registration will be required; please call ahead: 248-546-2504
More info:


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