The Ferndale Library Wants To Hear From You on Feb 27

Hosting Two Community Spark Sessions With Recent Citywide Survey Results

The Ferndale Area District Library is conducting a two-part series of town hall meetings as part of an extensive outreach and planning process aimed at making the Library as valuable as possible to all Ferndale residents, with two sessions on Feb. 27 and Mar. 2. The Library’s Board of Trustees will be hosting these two “Community Spark” meetings in the FADL’s Community Room, establishing an accessible, round-table atmosphere that will encourage those keen on seeing improvements and advancements to the Library to share their thoughts, requests or recommendations.


These Community Spark sessions will be an opportunity  to continue the conversation of the Library’s strategic planning process, which began in 2013. Library Director Jessica Keyser says that the strategic planning process is on-going. “Our Strategic Plan is truly intended to be a living document,” Keyser states. “We have not filed the Plan away in a drawer and forgotten about it. These meetings are intended to be a check-in of sorts, an opportunity to evaluate our priorities and make sure that we are serving the community as best we can.”


In December, community members were encouraged to complete Customer Satisfaction Surveys that gauged overall efficiency and the ways in which the Library’s current services have affected local patron’s lives.The results of the survey will be presented and discussed at the Community Spark meetings. The Library Board wants to know what the community values, be that in the daily services of the Library and its staff, its circulating materials collection, its public access equipment, or its current operating hours. These roundtable discussions will help chart a course for the future of the Library.


Imagine it: the library of the future! What comes to mind?
Share your vision and ideas at these Spark sessions:
Saturday, February 27th (10am-12pm)
Wednesday, March 2nd (6pm-8pm)  


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