Detroit Musicians Recommend…

12705309_10153344575426643_7426305685544554218_nA Local Music Reading List…

…comprised of local musicians’ favorite books of all-time.

I reached out to several local musicians and singers to ask them just one question… What is THE book…

Now, we’ve got a display in the library featuring these titles. Consider it a way to get to know your local artists beyond their songs…


Jeff Howitt, singer/guitarist with Detroit’s Duende, had more than a few thoughts to share about his book, The Odyssey… And, yes, folks, sometimes subjects such as these…..

“Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose.”
Neil Gaiman

So this request made me smile quite a bit and daydream on whether I could even choose one. But I did… THE ODYSSEY.
500bcI’ve gone back and read this every few years since about 4th-5th grade; same years I was trolling through The Hobbit and other fantasy-esque books. At that very young age (fantasy books) allowed me to not see my life in a straight line. To know that there were moments that were Lives inside themselves and outside a perfectly chaptered existence of Youth through Old Age.
I was able to daydream on concepts of duty and service to the system that I was just recognizing myself inside-of… and how ultimately we were alone in fulfilling a role for a faceless benefactor. That if you could maintain even the tiniest flame of self awareness and knowledge you would always have another day to make it back. Or Out.

Jeff Howitt (far right,) with Scott Sandford (left,) Joel McCune and Laura Willem -of Duende

My first sense that fate and destiny were different trails along this journey. That you had what you needed, that you just had to not think someone else held the answer for you or that it was in a treasure chest or a pocket but actually, possibly right under your foot. You just had to move your foot. That we may be destined to fulfill or face certain challenges but their conclusions weren’t in chiseled in stone but laughing on the wind.

The idea that loyalty to Love and Loving is worth burning out your flame, if only to scatter the darkness that threatens to smother and define the shadows one last time. Rage Against the Dying of the Light. 
Musically when I don’t know what to do I listen to the earliest R & B, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly I can find and start at the beginning. The Odyssey is that Book for me on virtually any other struggle or Dream.
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