Library To Start Lending WiFi Hotspot Devices

6415535a-e092-46d0-9e8c-bddad10fdacdWIFI POSTER

This February, the Ferndale Library will bring one of its most popular and valuable services, internet access, into library patrons’ homes. Ferndale Area District Library recently joined T-Mobile’s WiFi HotSpot Pilot Program, lending devices for internet access to Ferndale Library patrons (age 18+) for one week at a time. The devices, which are smaller than an average smartphone, provide unlimited 4G LTE wireless internet access for up to ten mobile devices at once.

Ferndale Library patrons (with accounts in good standing) can now use their library cards to attain free, high-speed internet access for any device that connects to WiFi.  Going on a roadtrip? Make FADL your first stop and have guaranteed WiFi wherever you are. Camping? Forget roughing it! Bring the internet with you. Wherever and whenever you want to stay connected, this new lending program can help!

We will begin our Pilot Program on February 1st. The library was allowed to participate in this pilot program at no cost. In May, FADL will evaluate the success of the program and decide if they wish to invest money to purchase the devices and monthly plans, making the Hotspot program permanent


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