The Orbit Magazine Anthology (Re-Entry)

The Ferndale Library is proud to be circulating our new copy of The Orbit Magazine Anthologyby local author/reporter (& Detroit Free Press podcast host) Robert St. Mary.

You probably read the Metro Times, but do you remember ORBIT?? During the 1990’s in Detroit, you either “read the alternative weekly or you read the alternative-alternative weekly, which was Orbit,” (Mark Binelli, author, Detroit City Is The Place To Be).

From Wayne State University Press:
“Orbit was an instantly recognizable arbiter of 1990s Detroit culture…its irreverent tone and unique editorial features could be traced to two earlier local publications from creator Jerry Peterson, a.k.a. Jerry Vile—White Noise (1978–1980) and Fun: The Magazine for Swinging Intelectuals [sic] (1986–1990).”

Robert St. Mary, a Metro Detroit native with substantial journalistic experience in news radio. This commendable anthology was carefully (and lovingly) compiled over four years. In these illustration-splattered pages, St. Mary has collected “…two decades’ worth of Detroit’s alternative publishing history into an oversized, heavily illustrated volume that situates the publications in the city’s pop culture and media history…”

From Binelli, again: “…this anthology doubles as a fascinating secret history of Motor City punk!”

Interested in Orbit’s Anthology? Check it out. 

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