Ferndale Library Joins LocalHop To Help Spread The Word

qysNO_YLLibrary Organizes Its Events Onto New App Developed in Birmingham

What’s going on at the Ferndale Area District Library this week?

That answer could be just a swipe away for many of your readers, thanks to LocalHop, a new app that was started out of Birmingham that acts as an event surveyor and social cartographer.

The Ferndale Library is proud to be listing our events on this new app which is designed primarily to help people find fun and interesting things to do in your community. Who knows, you may never again need another press release from us, with LocalHop.

We want to spread the word to your readers to get a jump on this brand new app, ideal for weekend planners or for families searching for a kid-friendly activity. LocalHop can also help them find other events (not just exclusive Library programs), particularly so that they don’t wind up missing out on all of the notably interesting and inventive activities, festivals and exhibitions that are regularly hosted around the tri-county area.

The app can be downloaded for Android or iPhones. Events found in LocalHop can also easily be added to a user’s Google or Apple calendars and then shared with friends over their preferred social networks. Visit www.getlocalhop.com to find out more and to download the app!


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