Old-Timey Radio Returns

Tune-in To The Past on Thu., Oct. 22nd

Vintage radios will be “performing” for an audience of history-loving listeners at the Ferndale Library in two weeks. On the evening of Oct 22, you’re invited to take a trip back in time to the 1940s and early 50s, with a nostalgia-inducing showcase of archived radio show recordings. The Ferndale Library goes Prairie Home Companion, with host Jeffrey Lily!

“Old Time Radio” is presented on Thu., Oct. 22, at 7pm, hosted by Lily, a Ferndale resident and radio enthusiast. This theatrical display of vintage electronics has become a favorite recurrent program among library patrons. Lily presents entertaining demonstration of one of his hobbies: collecting, restoring and repairing authentic period tube radios, having retrofitted these elegant devices so that they connect with any modern device for audio playback through the original radio’s output stage.  


This is an ideal event for history lovers and classical mystery fans, as Lily plays a selection from old genre theatre performances, including mysterious thrillers and gripping suspense tales.

All of the shows were originally broadcast in the 40s and 50s. Lily will open the program with a proper introduction that details the intricacies of each of his radios.

Refreshments will be served, the lighting will be theatrical and there is no registration required.

Come tune in with us and experience a world of entertainment and information before televisions, before the Internet, before smartphones… Imagine THAT!

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