Meet Our New Monitor: Ryan

When you visit the Ferndale Area District Library this fall, you’ll notice a new staff member striding surely throughout the building… That’s Ryan Fisher. He is our new Library Building Monitor. Ryan’s here to keep an eye on everything… not in an Orwellian 1984-ish sense, but just to be “ready for anything and everything,” in terms of helping any patron, staff member (or certain area of the building). Monitors are the go-to people in case of emergencies. (They’ll also add some extra shushing in the Shh-department…)



“You can’t be shy with a job like this,” said Fisher, who grew up in Albion, MI. “It’s all about making sure everyone and everything is okay, in any situation.” Fisher has experience working security in the college library at Albion, where he studied Theatre.

Fisher is a perfect fit for the Ferndale Library. He’d often spend much of his days getting lost in the woods of Albion with a book-in-hand. He has a great amount of experience in the theatre, particularly in stage managing, stage design and prop designing. He is currently working with the Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck as well as working on an upcoming production at the Ringwald Theatre here in Ferndale.

“Theatre is a fantastic place where you’re constantly learning, no matter what, and you’re always being exposed to new things.” In this writer’s humble opinion, he is exceedingly affable, but also extremely professional. When the show must go on, everything has to work and sync up perfectly; comparably, here in the library, Ryan is both on-point and, as in the theatre, on cue.

Fisher loves interacting with people, whether through the theatre or amid the stacks of a library. “I love immersing myself within and throughout the library; it’s a pool of knowledge where I’m constantly learning new things.”

We’re happy to have Ryan on the team at FADL. He is here to help!


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