Library News: Michigan Activity Pass Expands (Starts May 24)

mapExpanding Michigan Activity Pass:


Your Library Card can do so much more! As a kid you were told that it would be your key to whole worlds of adventure and knowledge….but the librarians back then were only talking about books. 

Books are magnificent, don’t get me wrong. But what about Museums? State Parks? Historic Sites? Forest Campgrounds? Access to hundreds of recreational sites and cultural institutions for free all with the swipe of your trusty library card!

This program, the MICHIGAN ACTIVITY PASS, is presented by The Library Network. Now in its third year, MAP has expanded to even more participating parks and institutions honoring free access with a library card, having merged with another TLN program called MI Big Green Gym.

Libraries had been offering access to museums in the past, through the similarly titled “Michigan Adventure Pass,” (sponsored by Macy’s, from 2007 to 2011).

The list of participating venues is available online:

Starting May 24, you can access MAP with your library card online. You can do it from home or on your own mobile device. Just have your library card number ready…
Click here:
You’ll be prompted for your zipcode and the name of your home Library. You can also narrow or expand the distance (in miles) you are up to traveling (since this program covers the entire state of Michigan, far north into the upper peninsula and westward across to the coast of Lake Michigan.

When you print out a MAP pass, you have 7 days to use it.
Be aware: Copies of MAP passes will not be accepted at museums. Only original passes can be redeemed at museums.
And, it’s a good idea, prior to your visit, to call ahead or check the museum’s website in order to verify hours of operation, etc.

For more information on MAP, check out a recent Detroit Free Press article on the program’s expansion.



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