“Open” -Artwork by Linden -March 5 – April 18

Mixed media anatomical paintings by Detroit artist Linden (formerly exhibiting as Lindsey Harnish) that compile an ongoing exploration of death, birth and transition.


The works incorporate human anatomy to delve into the subtler nuances of existence, exploring themes of secrecy and transparency, solitude and companionship. “’Open’ is about the elemental essence of things, that primal sense in the guts that cannot be logically quantified or reasoned,” Linden comments. “The latest paintings prod at the heart of the matter or ‘getting down to the bones, so to speak.’”

Many of the works are encaustics, an ancient painting technique which combines beeswax, resin and pigment to achieve a layered luminescence. The beeswax is melted, painted on the panel and fused using a blowtorch or a heat gun. The painting is further manipulated with razor blades and other sharp implements.

Linden’s art gives nods to Art Nouveau, Lowbrow and children’s picture books.  She has been exhibited throughout metro Detroit and helps foster art programs at the Ferndale Public Library.

You can view her work at facebook.com/LynzCreates and at lindseyharnish.com.

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