Special Reading of breakout thriller BIRD BOX: Local author visits for FERNDALE READS Finale


Josh Malerman, local author of the acclaimed horror novel, Bird Box, will treat Ferndale Library patrons to a special and mysterious reading/signing, capping off the library’s annual one book/one community series (Ferndale Reads) on Thu., Apr. 2.

“I hear there’s two types of horror-writers,” said Malerman. “One will show you the monster while the other leaves the door closed. Well, I’ve discovered that I’m both.” The New York Times declared Malerman’s style to be “… the best kind of horror…where your imagination becomes your own worst enemy.”


Malerman’s debut novel, Bird Box, is being celebrated this month by the Ferndale Library with several unique programs tied to its plot: a post-apocalyptic tale haunted by unfathomable creatures, set in Michigan.

“I would love to write a book that was the equivalent of a black & white movie for the first 290 pages, then BLAMO! the book explodes into red for the last few pages,” said Malerman. “Bird Box went the way it went organically, I believe, but I’ll never underestimate the power of the mood. Mood pokes Perspective. Perspective whispers into the ear of Decision.”

This won’t be your average book signing. Malerman, who is also a musician with local rock group The High Strung, said he is cooking up something cool for his author visit to FADL.

All fans of horror and suspense novels should mark their calendars for April 2; especially since Malerman’s first round of book tours resulted in audiences raving over his highly engaging and quirky presentation, often employing ambient music and theatrical sound effects.

Attendees should stay after for refreshments and a book signing

Josh Malerman is a talented, up-and-coming writer specializing in the thriller/horror genre. A Michigan native his whole life, Malerman recently settled in Ferndale.

Bird Box (published last year by Ecco Press, a HarperCollins subsidiary), received praise from many esteemed publications including USA Today, The Detroit Free Press and Publishers Weekly.

at 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Free / Space is limited
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