New Reads (Mar 17)

Act Of God – by Jill Ciment


An unspeakable plague sprouts from a mushroom, innocent. Yet, the mold proves to be monstrous! Part horror story, part screwball comedy, Jill Ciment’s brilliant suspense novel looks at what happens when our lives–so seemingly set and ordered yet so precariously balanced–break down in the wake of calamity. It is, as well, a novel about love (familial and profound) and how it can appear from the most unlikely circumstances.
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Delicious Foods – by James Hannaham

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Hannaham’s second novel (after God Says No) is a disturbing but impressive exposé of the corporate farm industry. In Delicious Foods, James Hannaham tells the gripping story of three unforgettable characters: a mother, her son, and the drug that threatens to destroy them. Through Darlene’s haunted struggle to reunite with Eddie, through the efforts of both to triumph over those who would enslave them, and through the irreverent and mischievous voice of the drug that narrates Darlene’s travails, Hannaham’s daring and shape-shifting prose infuses this harrowing experience with grace and humor.

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Hausfrau – by Jill Alexander Essbaum

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The Sunday Express (UK) calls it Madame Bovary meets Fifty Shades of Grey.”
While Glamour (UK) said: “Anna was a good wife, mostly. For readers of The Girl on the Train and The Woman Upstairs comes a striking debut novel of marriage, fidelity, sex, and morality, featuring a fascinating heroine who struggles to live a life with meaning–“a modern-day Anna Karenina tale.”
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Blink Of The Screen – by Terry Pratchett

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A collection of short fiction from the late Terry Pratchett, spanning the whole of his writing career from schooldays to Discworld and the present day. He will be missed…
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Frank: A Life In Politics From The Great Society To Same Sex Marriage- by Barney Frank

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How did a disheveled, intellectually combative gay Jew with a thick accent become one of the most effective (and funniest) politicians of our time? Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage is one man’s account of the country’s transformation–and the tale of a truly momentous career.
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