The Library Looks: …at Local Music (& Hamtramck Music Festival)


If you’re going to this weekend’s big local music festival…why not stop at the library before and check-out our excellent collection of albums by Michigan musicians…many of whom you’ll find performing live in Hamtramck on Friday and Saturday.

The 2nd Annual Hamtramck Music Festival kicks off this Thursday night; four nights of live music from more than 150 local bands packed into two square miles and hosted at 17 unique clubs/venues and bars.

Here’s a list of some of the bands on the line up whose CDs/albums are featured in the circulating collection of the Ferndale Area District Library

The Beggars
Saturday Looks Good To Me
The Paper Sound
Pewter Cub
Detroit Pleasure Society
The Witches
Oscillating Fan Club
The Hentchmen
Old Empire
Lac La Belle
Six And The Sevens
Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men


The Hencthmen (photo by Brian Rozman)

This festival is a community event, spurred into being by grassroots organizing efforts from within the music scene, celebrating and showcasing metro Detroit’s diverse musical and artistic talents. With a $10 wristband, attendees gain all access to live performances by this region’s pool of diverse and talented bands.

Started last year following the shifting and expanding of the Metro Times Blowout, HMF underlined the need to reinstate a music festival in the heart of Hamtramck, both as a means of a seasonal boost to its business community but also as a salve for everyone’s collective cabin fever. Think of it as Spring Training for baseball…only for the rock n’ roll community – its time to get back out, tune back up and get loud together.

The HMF’s featured musicians and its organizers have volunteered their time and talent in the name of edifying a spirit of community. All festival proceeds are going to Ben’s Encore (a non-profit 501c3), which provides music lessons and scholarships to inspired young musicians and underserved school music programs.

For a full line-up, click here:

Meanwhile, consider checking out some music from FADL.


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