Library Fear Factor (+ A RoundUp of Library News)

Read all about it… Local author Josh Malerman speaks candidly with us (via OC~115) about 5 particular books that made him “…fall in love with horror AGAIN…” 


March 7th (THIS SATURDAY) is the launch of the Ferndale Area District Library‘s Ferndale Reads, which has selected Mr. Malerman’s debut novel, BIRD BOX as this years’ title.

“Library Fear Factor on Sat., March 7 (at 1 PM), inviting interested readers to the library to participate in a series of bravery-testing feats where they’ll receive a free copy of Bird Box along with a schedule of events and a program passport.”


Here’s a round-up of Library-related news from around the nation

Looks like they certainly love their libraries over in Connecticut.

The Hartford Courant ran an illuminating feature on the evolution of their public libraries. Libraries Are The New Community Centers:

Libraries have become your “one-stop shopping for learning, asking and trying…” But more than that, Connecticut libraries grant access to 3-D printers and “Makerspaces,” while another acquired a pair of humanoid robots.

“Because people are lacking a way to interact with each other, they are coming to us,” said Jennifer Keohane, executive director of the Connecticut Library Consortium. “Libraries are the new town green.”


Meanwhile, over at the Westport Library in Conn, the Washington Times columnist Bruce Kasanoff is highlighting some Remarkable Lessons In Innovation From…yes, A Public Library, particularly warmth, boldness and imagination. 


The New York Times acquired something interesting last week, the once-lost papers of author / new-journalism-maestro Tom Wolfe. That comes to 190 boxes of material written by Wolfe over the years, currently on display with the title “Becoming The Man In The White Suit.”

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