New Reads (Feb 24 – 2015)


The Sculptor
by Scott McCloud
An artist makes a deal with Death. A young sculptor (David Smith) has his childhood wish granted: to sculpt anything he can possibly imagine, anything he wants to bring into being, just with his bare hands…but he’ll only have 200 days to live. Suddenly, deciding what to create is harder than it’s ever been… and then he goes and falls in love… Read (and view) how things shape out with this graphic novel, already garnering rave reviews from the likes of Neil Gaiman.
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I Am Radar
by Reif Larson
Just as Radar Radmanovic is born, all of the hospital’s electricity mysteriously fails. Our protagonist is born in total darkness. Through some uncanny reaction to the strange electrical occurrence, he is born with pitch-black skin to a pair of astonished, white parents. The story expands quickly and vastly, across the globe and across history, from WWII as seen from arctic Norway to an unknown region where radio waves and subatomic particles dance to their own design.
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The Alphabet House
by Jussi Alder-Olsen
A taut psychological thriller set in WWII, with two British pilots winding up in a mental hospital after desperately disguising themselves as patients while behind enemy lines. The pilots only hope of survival in The Alphabet House (where German doctors subject their patients to daily rounds of shock treatment) is to fake insanity until the war ends. But what if they aren’t the only ones in this hospital feigning madness?
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Lucky Alan
by Jonathan Lethem
Lethem describes some of his stories featured here as “obedient, at least outwardly to realism,” while another has “uncanny and surreal elements that still sometimes erupt…” This give and take between the grounded endearments and the wackier detached antics will keep the reader surprised and delighted, a balance of humor and poignancy.
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