Library Selects Highly Acclaimed BIRD BOX For Ferndale Reads 2015

FERNDALE READS 2015 Kickoff, March 7 with Library Fear Factor

Local Author Josh Malerman To Preside Over Exclusive, Unique Book Signing
Copies will be available March 7 for community-wide reading event

more info: / Ferndale Library via Facebook

Josh Malerman’s Bird Box 

BirdBox pb c (1)

“Hitchcockian…A notably strong study of modern psychological terror” – USA TODAY

The Ferndale Library invites avid readers to an unconventional kickoff party for their annual Ferndale Reads series on Mar 7, inspired by this year’s book, the fantastically fright-filled Bird Box by local author Josh Malerman.


Bird Box (published last year by Ecco Press, a HarperCollins subsidiary), received praise from many esteemed publications including USA Today, The Detroit Free Press and Publishers Weekly.  As a bold breakout title among the suspense & horror genres, Bird Box particularly stands out amid Ferndale Reads’ previous selections.


The Ferndale-based author’s debut, hailed as “a lean, spellbinding thriller that Stephen King fans will relish,” by Publishers Weekly was recently short-listed for the James Herbert Award honoring the next generation of horror fiction authors as well as honored by The Library of Michigan as a Michigan Notable Book for 2015.


About Bird Box: The story finds our near-future world haunted by unfathomable creatures, appearing out of nowhere; the mere sight of them drives humans to a ferocious state of madness. Our protagonists band together in a safehouse set in southeast Michigan, with thick, black blindfolds as their shields.


“To say I’m honored is too light of a word; I’m floored, really,” Malerman said. “And if Bird Box adds to what the Ferndale Library is already doing? If Bird Box excites even more people to read? Well, that’s the dream right there. This is great for the community (all of us reading together.) This is great for me (incredible, really.) And this is fun.”

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Malerman: “It’s no secret that an author fantasizes about his community reading a story he wrote. Being able to talk about it with some of the people he sees in his daily life is almost too big a thrill a to be expected.

But there’s something about Bird Box being picked for Ferndale Reads that’s making me even giddier: It’s the idea that the horrors in the books will, in a way, sweep over the community I live in.

I can imagine all of us blindfolding ourselves, walking the streets we know, entering the library, the coffee shops, the grocery stores, unable to open our eyes, for fear of encountering a creature so unfathomable it scrambles our minds. I mean, who knows… maybe she’ll even do that other thing… that one-step-farther thing; maybe Bird Box will inspire those who read it to read more horror.

And then! THEN! Our town will own those colorful, magnificent horrors, and we’ll all carry them around with us, in some way or another. Ah, I can see the blanket descending… lowering from the sky… a tapestry of mad-monsters… a quilt of delirium… uniting us all in fright. Too lofty? Nonsense. It’s fun. And the fun we all have on days like Halloween doesn’t have to be married to the calendar anymore; we can believe in the scary stuffevery day if we want to.

THANK you Ferndale Public Library.”

The Kickoff: Library Fear Factor, Saturday, March 7th. 3-5 pm. Inspired by Bird Box’s tense tale we’ll be transforming the community room into a chamber of chills and daring feats to test your bravery! We dare you to win a copy of this year’s book!

Josh Malerman_Please Credit Doug Coombe
Important FERNDALE READS’ Dates

Book Discussions:

March 19th @ 7:30 pm
Book Party @ The Emory  

March 31st @ 7:30 PM
@Ferndale Area District Library


Meet the Author – Thursday, April 2nd @ 7:00 pm     
This won’t be your average book signing. Author, Josh Malerman, is cooking up something cool for his author visit. Stay tuned for details!


Program Passport & Prize Drawing
Everyone will receive a program passport with a copy of the book. Bring it with you when you attend Ferndale Reads programs. Attend a certain number of programs and enter for a chance to attend a special dinner with Josh Malerman before his event at the FADL (on April 2nd). More details soon.


Go Comedy!     
Go Comedy! partnering with FADL for the 6th year in a row! They’ll present their own special spin on Bird Box in March. Dates will be announced soon. A must see!


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