LEED Certification Ceremony Feb 10

showimageTuesday, FEB 10th – 7 PM

Join us for a short presentation and reception to celebrate the designation of the library as a LEED certified building.

Buildings that are newly renovated (or newly constructed) can apply for LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design). 

The Green Building Council requires lengthy, rigorous reviews of all aspects of a building’s design, materials and construction when considering awarding LEED certification.

On Tuesday, Feb 10 at 7 PM, we will unveil the library’s plaque, a speaker or two will describe aspects of the building’s “green” design and we’ll have some light refreshments on hand.

Naturally, we’re excited about this important recognition and milestone for the library, and hope you will join us to celebrate. Feel free to bring others!

The Ferndale Library Board of Trustees and city residents made a conscious decision that the Library’s 2010 renovations and expansion followed principals of sustainability. The design, construction and operation of the new building (with as much of the 1954 structure’s original steel and brick retained), was meant to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

*A reflective roof that reduces the amount of heat absorbed from the sun
*Sunscreen awnings over the windows to reduce incoming sunlight in the summer months
*Increased insulation in walls and ceilings
*High-efficiency LED (low-energy diode) lighting
20100814greenlib06*A Living Roof –with trays of sedum plants that keep the building cool in the summer months and reduce rain runoff into the storm sewers

There’s SO many more environmentally conscious features built into the Library, you’ll have to come attend the special plaque presentation, where the Library will celebrate it’s Silver-level LEED certification.

LEED is an internationally recognized green-building certification system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

photo credits: Crystal Proxmire via Oakland County One~Fifteen 

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