Another Staff Favorite: Birdbox

“…it has served as armor…protecting the children not from what could see them, but what they could see…”

This electrifyingly suspenseful tale finds the world haunted by an unusual new species, creatures really, the mere sight of which drives us humans to a ferocious state of madness, with our protagonists banding together in a safehouse with thick, black blindfolds as their shields. In-tense!


“I don’t understand…do you think it’s unsafe to look outside? To look anywhere?”



“What are you worried about seeing?” she asks.
“Nobody knows that answer, yet…”



“…that there are creatures out there…?”
“…the man who owned this house, he saw one. Just before he died…”
“…I’m not trying to scare you. I think it’s a consensus now. Something living is doing this to us. And it only takes seeing one for a second, maybe less….”
Everything in the room seems to get darker…she feels dizzy.
“…Whatever they are, our minds can’t understand them. They’re like infinity, it seems. Something too complex for us to understand. Do you see?” 
Malorie faints.


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